Install problem on Virtuozzo

I’m trying to install tihs to a vps (virtuozzo) but got this at the last portion

STATUS: Removing conflicting packages line 981: yum: command not found

ERROR: YUM removed failed. You may need to manually remove some packages (YUM should give output to aid you)

Yum is not installed by default on Virtuozzo vps’s. How can I work around this?

You need to make sure that the devel packages for the given template are installed so yum is available to the iworx-cp installer. Alternately you can use the iworx-cp templates at instead of the default vz ones.


Please explain, how would I use this templte in Virtuozzo? I have VZCC (not VZMC). I’m brand new to this but I learn quick :slight_smile:

I see the two config files for centos and fedora. Can you kindly explain where these go? I figured how to install the application at least.

You don’t need the 2 config files, they are simply sample cpu/memory layouts for VZ. I believe they go in /etc/sysconfig/vz if you’d like to use them.

The template itself you just rpm -Uvh onto the main server itself so VZ has access to it when creating VPSs


I uploaded the 188MB file via VZCC > hardware node > application templates > upload new template. It took forever. However, I do not see it in the list now.

It’s an OS template not an app template. Just login to the main node (the server itself, not a VPS instance) and RPM install it. You then need to do a vzpkgcache <name of template> and it will show up in the VZ interface.


[root@server001 root]# rpm -Uvh /centos-3-iworx-template-20051020-1.0-1.i386.rpm
Retrieving ate-20051020-1.0-1.i386.rpm
error: skipping - transfer failed - Unknown or unexpected error

I uploaded the rpm via scp. I rpm’d it and it showed up in OS templates in VZCC.

I tried to create a VPS with that OS template and it shows this:

Hardware node has no applications compatible with the selected operating system “centos-3-iworx”.

Can you please clarify this also:
“do a vzpkgcache <name of template>”

What is the actual name of the template?

Ok finally installed :slight_smile:

However, http://xxx.202.69.37:2080/nodeworx/

is coming up blank. Did I do something wrong here?

Chris, still awaiting a license my friend :slight_smile: