Install questions

OK so we have decided we want IW on our server, problem is were already using the server to host some sites…theres one main site, and about 5 smaller sites.

Now my questions is, whats going to be the easiest way to install IW ?
I have all the sites backed up and the databases backed up, so if i just install IW will it be a simple case to just create new accounts…the copy the data from the backup folder, make new databases within IW and import the databases from the backups…im assuming that IW will setup DNS records as i (re)create these accounts…

Is this going to work?

I’m using Centos4.3


Is there CP on there already? If no then this should be doable. I’ve setup iworx-cp on 1 client’s box that had no cp and some sites on it. You will have to re-setup all of the accounts in SiteWorx and do any custom edits to the /etc/httpd/conf.d/{domain}.conf file and the DB names will also change since iworx-cp needs (and forces) all DBs to have a {username}_prefix. The short story is that it’s doable but can be a pain and there may be some downtime while you do the re-setup of the sites.


theres no panel as such…i used webmin to setup the accounts…theres a plugin for it called virtualmin…but all it does is add a zone record, a blank database and make an entry in httpd.conf

You’re a step ahead most Pross. It should be doable.

well it didnt go smooth…our server is destroyed…

email didnt work at all…tryed re-installing that…broke it entirely…

DNS downt work properly…dnsreport can query the nameserver…

ive opened a ticket…if i cant get it fixed soon im gonna have to uninstall the server owner is NOT impressed …and im gutted


From your ticket details you said you had BIND installed. BIND and InterWorx-CP simply don’t work together and the InterWorx installer will prompt you to uninstall BIND during the setup process. As I said in my initial post here “it’s a pain” and I wasn’t kidding.