Installation question

Got to say, nice script for the install.
I’ve got everything installed and my key inputted. The first screen I come to asks for DNS servers. What goes here? I do run some DNS servers for another aspect of my company that I can use, the but CP would not be able to change the config files on these machines - I’d have to manually edit them. I do have 5 IPs on my Interworx machine, so I can dedicate 2 IPs for DNS services on this machine; is that the way to go?
Thanks in advance.

Hi Jake,

I just responded to your support ticket.


Thanks! It’s appreciated! I didn’t know if it needed those DNS entries for external quries or if it was for the pages being run on the machine.
Thanks again!

For those that come across this post, the very first thing after you install Interworx you come to is a screen asking for DNS servers. These need to be 2 IP addresses on that machine for the domains hosted on that machine to function correctly.

Woops, I guess I was a little unclear.

Technically, the primary and secondary nameservers can be just about anything (an IP address, a hostname, etc). For example, when I setup new development boxes for internal testing, I just set the nameservers to ‘ns1’ and ‘ns2’. However, if you try to use the InterWorx box as a DNS server, DNS probably won’t work. :slight_smile: You’ll need valid nameserver entries set.

By the way, a valid nameserver, according to the Net gods, must be a hostname and not an IP. So, while setting an IP in InterWorx uh… “works”, sites like will complain about it.

For info on how to setup your InterWorx box as a DNS server, see this page:

Hopefully I made some sense. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I must have missed something.
So I bought a domain (ex: and created nameserver entries that point to 2 of the IPs on my Interworx box. Then I set the DNS servers in the setup screen to be and (which actually point to the Interworx box)? Or can I set it to whatever I want (say my other DNS servers, and, as long as when I add domains I manually add the correct entries on these other servers ( to point to the Interworx machine? Just trying to get it all straight.
Thanks again!

The nameservers entered on the DNS overview page are used as the default nameservers when you create a new SiteWorx account. For example, on the DNS Overview page, if you use and, when you create a new SiteWorx account, and will automatically be set as the NS records for that SiteWorx account. At that point, you are free to edit the records and change it to any other nameserver, or leave it be.

If you change the domain to use external nameservers, you must remember to update the DNS records on the external nameserver when you add things like subdomains and pointer domains in SiteWorx. If the domain uses the InterWorx box as a nameserver, creating subdomains and pointer domains in SiteWorx will automatically update the DNS records for you.

It sounds like you’ve done most of the setup needed to create your own nameservers. The last thing you need to do is register the nameserver at the registrar level (where you bought the domain). From the How-to:

Go to your registrar and log in.

Go to a screen called manage my domain or domain management (You are looking for the screen that lets you make changes to an already registered domain)

Go to the option Register DNS Server, Create DNS Server, Domain Host Summary, or something similar – NOT Edit DNS Servers or Modify DNS Servers, you will use that later – and fill out the form.

The next screen or two will ask for both your IP address provided by your server provider when you signed up. and the name of your name server (for example ?ns1?). Just follow their prompts.

The DNS system requires you to register at least two nameservers, so you need to repeat the steps at least once. InterWorx allows you to specify up to three if you so choose.