installed litespeed. couple issues


We installed litespeed (also enabled the module in nodeworx plugins), and in general everything is great. servers are faster, and everything looks to be working minus a few hiccups, outlined below:

  1. webmail is no longer accessible from Now I have to put the port 2443 to access webmail. Before with apache, webmail was in port 80 at

  2. webserver part of nodeworx is empty. I mean the RRD graphs now looks like no traffic at all…

  3. httpd keeps restarting after I restart litespeed from litespeed admin portal. Do I need to disable “Auto-Restart Apache” in Nodeworx? Is that what’s causing apache to start up when I try to restart litespeed webserver.

  4. I have quite a few domains in shared IP space. However, in litespeed admin portal, the virtual hosts tab is empty. I was assuming the virtual hosts would show up. This is crucial because right now our litespeed is on trial and we’re contremplating getting the enterprise version because the free version has a 5 virtual host (5 domains sharing an IP) limit. But in this case, virtual host count is showing as 0. Can anyone shed some light into this?

Other than this, looks like server is performing a lot better. And we have cloudlinux replace centos as well, and server loads have been more stable over the course of the past few weeks. Now we’re not seeing any rogue site hogging down the servers.




If that’s the case, if I have 50 sites with shared ip in interworx, when I switch it to litespeed, it should automatically import 5 of those sites, then the other 45 sites will not display, correct? But these 5 imported sites will not show in litespeed’s vhost section in the litespeed control panel?

Also, will litespeed need to import the data in httpd.conf or can it run directly the config form httpd.conf without importing it? Coz we have a lot of domains, but traffic wise is not that much so I’m trying to weigh if I should upgrade enterprise edition or if I can make do with the free version for now.

Thanks again

[QUOTE=Host-Us;18935]I just have a quick reply for #4 - the Virtual Host area in the LiteSpeed admin will only show Virtual Hosts that are created in Litespeed, and not imported Apache Virtual Hosts.

How litespeed’s limit will work is:
If you have 7 virtual host in apache, it will import at startup the first 5, any after that are not imported unless you upgrade to a paid version.
Also, any editing to the Virtual Host must be done manually.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the clarifications guys!!! Much appreciated. Fully switched to litespeed now.

Hello people, I experienced exactly the same today in 2015 as was described in 2011.

Since only one of our Load Balanced nodes was setup with LiteSpeed as a speedtest, our customers started seeing 404 errors when opening Webmail the way they were used to.

So sadly had to turn off LiteSpeed and head back to Apache for this node. Back to the drawing board for a new approach plan.

Hi there! I’m new to these forums and Interworx in general…but outside of this issue I’m about to ask for help with…all I can say is WOW!!! I LOVE INTERWORX! No more cPanel for me! I especially like that Interworx offers an owned license when cPanel does not anymore…that’s the main reason why I purchased Interworx was for it’s competitive features to cPanel and most importantly that they offer an owned license!

So onto my questions…2016 and still no decent documentation from what I can easily find on installing Litespeed Enterprise on Interworx from start to finish, step-by-step yet ;p…(I’m referring to outside of the ‘normal’ LiteSpeed install instructions located on BUT I’m hoping that someone can please clarify three questions for me quickly (and thank you in advance for your time and help!)

First off. I just recently purchased an owned Interworx license and also just bought an owned 1-CPU LiteSpeed license as well. I installed LiteSpeed with no issues as far as I can tell, compiled my PHP 5.4 for CentOS 7, and ENABLED the LiteSpeed Plugin within Interworx/Nodeworx. Then I bounced my server…things seem ‘okay’ but I’m still checking things and testing all of it.

After installing LiteSpeed I have three outstanding questions within Interworx still:

  1. httpd keeps restarting after I restart litespeed from the litespeed admin portal. Do I need to disable “Auto-Restart Apache” in Nodeworx or from somewhere else? Is that what’s causing apache to start up when I try to restart litespeed webserver? - In other words, my apache keeps showing as if it’s running within my Interworx NodeWorx panel’s home page in the start/stop services area…but from SSH command line it looks like it’s not running when I try to stop httpd…

  2. I only have one domain on my Interworx control panel right now as I just recently purchased Interworx, and I DO see my domain under the “General” tab of the Litespeed Admin Portal along with some populated Virtual Hosts for my primary server/domain/IP, but if I go into Litespeed Admin Portal and navigate to Configuration => Virtual Hosts, the page is just empty…am I supposed to add something special in here for Virtual Hosts? I’ll probably post this question in the Litespeed forums as well but this DOES have an Interworx component here and I’m hoping someone on the forums might be able to answer this… (which leads me into question #3)

  3. When I go into Interworx/Nodeworx and then navigate to Server => System Health…I see the following error/warning: Missing namevirtualhost.conf file
    The /etc/httpd/conf.d/namevirtualhost.conf is missing. The system will attempt to replace the file and this message will be dismissed if successful. The control panel will attempt to fix this automatically. Obviously this error never used to exist before my LiteSpeed install, and thanks to a lack of documentation (at least from what I’m able to find, er rather not find), I can’t locate any helpful tips on whether or not this is “normal” for Interworx to display this error within NodeWorx once LiteSpeed is loaded, or if I need to correct it from the LiteSpeed side, or the Interworx side…which then leads me to ask…if LiteSpeed has VirtualHosts populated, then will Interworx stop complaining and ‘detect’ those VirtualHost(s) in LiteSpeed? My website seems to be loading fine as far as I can tell though? Very confusing…

If anyone has any step-by-step documentation on how to install/configure LiteSpeed on top of an Interworx installation, I’d be very grateful. Call me dumb…but Interworx advertises LiteSpeed as “works right out of the box” in terms of compatability which is great…but I’d love to see even some basic instructions advising Interworx users to go into their plugins area and enable the LiteSpeed plugin. If I missed this info and it exists somewhere already, then I apologize for my rambling and would appreciate if someone could post a link to it here…otherwise I’d love for Interworx to officially document some basic steps of making Interworx “good-to-go” after a LiteSpeed installation.

Thanks once again and I hope someone can help me with this!

Hi enigma007

Welcome to IW forums and glad you like IW

I’m sorry I do not use light speed but to answer your questions

1 yes, turn off auto restart

2 I think asking light speed forums is the best option and would appreciate an update on any response in their forums

3 I believed light speed used httpd.conf for its config file - could be wrong though so apologies in advance

I think your seeing that error though if httpd is trying to start, and I think it should not report when httpd fully stopped

I would think IW do not give instructions for installing light speed or any third party plug in, but IW have created the plugin along with light speed help, to make it easier to install, but your correct I think, a little more helpful documentation would help

Lastly, please be aware there are known bugs still been worked out with the devs for centos 7, such as the stats for each siteworx account, ie awstats not been updated but overall it is mainly working

I hope that helps and look forward to your update

Many thanks