installed litespeed. couple issues

Hello everyone,
We installed litespeed (also enabled the module in nodeworx plugins), and in general everything is great. servers are faster, and everything looks to be working minus a few hiccups, outlined below:

  1. webmail is no longer accessible from Now I have to put the port 2443 to access webmail. Before with apache, webmail was in port 80 at

  2. webserver part of nodeworx is empty. I mean the RRD graphs now looks like no traffic at all…

  3. httpd keeps restarting after I restart litespeed from litespeed admin portal. Do I need to disable “Auto-Restart Apache” in Nodeworx? Is that what’s causing apache to start up when I try to restart litespeed webserver.

  4. I have quite a few domains in shared IP space. However, in litespeed admin portal, the virtual hosts tab is empty. I was assuming the virtual hosts would show up. This is crucial because right now our litespeed is on trial and we’re contremplating getting the enterprise version because the free version has a 5 virtual host (5 domains sharing an IP) limit. But in this case, virtual host count is showing as 0. Can anyone shed some light into this?

Other than this, looks like server is performing a lot better. And we have cloudlinux replace centos as well, and server loads have been more stable over the course of the past few weeks. Now we’re not seeing any rogue site hogging down the servers.


Hi Gabriel

I am short on time sorry but the RRD graphs been blank, I would think is correct as litespeed is the hosting and not apache. I thought litespeed showed the graphs for this

For webmail, most users disallow port 80 and use a rewrite rule to 2443. Usually using the IW-CP as domain so mydomain.url/webmail rewrites to IW-CP.url/webmail:2443.

This makes it easy and secure using the SSL from IW-CP

Yes, I believe you have to turn apache auto restart off - it is no longer in charge

On your last point, I always thought litespeed showed these but a quick thought, if siteworx accounts already created, so they need importing into litespeed

I am sorry we do not use litespeed so perhaps others who use litespeed May post or open a support ticket with IW

Many thanks