Installed PHP 5.0.4 but...

For some reason I cannot login to nodeworx nor can I login to any of my scripts…MySQL is running and PHP5.0.4 is working as well. Tried rebooting the server and same thing, no errors on reboot either.

Hi Dark_Wizard-

If you would open a support ticket, we can check this out. Please include your server information/root pwd in the ticket.



I’ve updated your ticket Dark_Wizard but I wanted to make sure it was clear to all that we do not support php5 officially per this thread: It may work, and we’ll take a peek but we will not debug all php5 installs out there until it’s officially supported, we simply haven’t tested it thouroughly and don’t have the time to debug many independant installs.


I am very interested in php5 - there are huge improvements over php4 - XML support, try and catch, better object oriented structure. Getting more like java but easier to deploy - ;o)