Integrating ClientExec with InterWorx-CP

I’m a newbie to both ClientExec and InterWorx after years of ModernBill and cPanel … so having features that actually work is quite a change!

I see in ClientExec where you select the control panel and when I select InterWorx, a box appears for me to enter the “Access Key,” but I’m stymied as to where in either my reseller Nodeworx or Siteworx I can find the key.

I searched here for information, the FAQ and the documentation and didn’t spot any references to that. If someone would kindly point me in the right direction, I’d be ever-so-grateful.

Login to NodeWorx and go to Server > Setup > API Key. As of the current version you can only create top level accounts. The API is being reworked to allow clients to use the API to auto create accounts in their reseller account through billing systems.

I need to get access to the server set-up.

If you’re trying to do this from a reseller account, the functionality isn’t available yet.

What I want is for hosting client signups to have their account created through ClientExec/InterWorx. Is that what you mean?


So you need first to define the API key. You d this in Nodeworx.

As Greg told go in Server > Setup > API Key

Copy/paste the generated API key in clientexec