integration development

I’m trying to integrate a sitebuilder/cms with interworx. The idea is that a cms administrator could do some simple taks (like manage email accounts and see domain properties) in the cms using interworx as backend.

To do this i need interworx help. So my question is, are there interworx apis to:

  • add/del/checkstatus/changedetails(quota) of a email account given a domain name?

  • check domain properties like maxbandwith/currentbandwith/quota/currentemailaccounts given a domain name?

if there are apis, where can i access updated documentation?

if there are no apis, how difficult is to implement them and are interworx developers interested in such api creation?

best regards
Francisco Azevedo

There are APIs, as that’s what stuff like ModernBill, ClientExec, AWBS, etc use. Try looking through the links listed here: :wink:

Hi Fr3d,

Those apis don’t tell me anything because they are OLD (interworx v2) and they only contain methods to Create/Suspend/Delete accounts… and is not what i need.
There is no way to manage account properties (like: add a email account, check current bandwith, or others).

That OLD api is very very very much limited for the integration i want to do.

So, because there is a new interworx version almost done, my question remain… will be possible to manage an account (read: create/delete/changequota email accounts of a domain, authenticate a user to create a unified user db, change a user password and see domain properties) by API in a near future?

Francisco Azevedo


Well, most of it, anyway - the central user authentication isn’t possible yet, and we’re still ironing out the details of reading account details.


Is there an update to this? I am trying to decide if Interworx will work for a project I am doing but I need to be able to add/delete email accounts through the API.

Check out and for our full API specifications. And yes, you can add/modify/delete e-mail accounts using it.