InterWorx 1.9.0 Release

We’re pleased to announce the release InterWorx-CP 1.9.0.

Your InterWorx-CP servers will automatically update within 24 hours if you have automatic updates enabled (the default). If you want to initate the upgrade yourself, we recommend logging into the server as root and running the following command:

yum update

– New Features –

  • Spamassassin / ClamAV Suppport (SPAM / Virus filtering)

IWorx-CP can now filter viruses / spam at both the MDA and MTA levels.
There are global settings that apply to the server as a whole and
per-domain settings for each SiteWorx account on the server. This is
all fully configurable via the software. Virus definition updates are also automatic.

  • Multi-Language Support

IWorx-CP now ships with English and French languages and more languages can easily be added via the NodeWorx interface. Langauges can be set on a
per-user basis.

  • AWStats / Analog Support

IWorx-CP now ships with both AWStats and Analog stats in addition to the
realtime and webalizer stats that existed in pre-1.9.0 releases.

  • SiteWorx Backup / Restore

It is now possible to backup a SiteWorx account with all of its
settings, files, databases etc entact and restore this account on
another IWorx-CP server. The NodeWorx user can backup multiple SiteWorx
accounts at once from the NodeWorx console.

The backup is granular, with sql databses, email and web content all
selectable in the backup process.

  • CPanel Import

IWorx-CP now supports the imporation of any CPanel backup file. Simply
upload the CPanel backup file and IWorx-CP will import all settings,
files, databases etc into a new SiteWorx account.

  • DNS TXT Record Support

To comply with the SPF method of spam prevention IWorx-CP now supports
the TXT DNS record.

  • Wildcard DNS Support

IWorx-CP now supports wildcard DNS entries (*

  • SSL Certificates Now Support “Chain” certs
  • New Supported Platforms:
  • Fedora Core 3
  • CentOS 3.4
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux 4.x
  • Copy-to option for e-mail boxes
    E-mail boxes can now be configured with a “copy to” address.

  • Webmail Upgrade

The default webmail system (Horde) got a major upgrade to the version
3.x.x line of their product. We also bundle the latest squirrelmail
webmail software as well.

  • phpMyAdmin Upgrade

phpMyAdmin was upgraded to the latest stable release.

Thanks for your continued support of InterWorx-CP!


Looks great guys… Lots of new toys to play with now!

I gather the 1.9.0 release is responsible for the new users (clamav, spamd, simscan) and groups that have been created on my server.

P.S. Thanks for adding the TXT record support so I can enable sender Policy framework! :slight_smile:

I gather the 1.9.0 release is responsible for the new users (clamav, spamd, simscan) and groups that have been created on my server.
Yes, that’s correct

Are there any scheduled ClamAV scans of the server itself?

…and if not what is the best way to setup the cron for that?


I find it especially nice to see AWStats incorporated, however is it just me, because I can’t seem to get AWStats or Analog Stats to do anything.

The page “only” shows a “Date” form containing no links on any dates. Switching to Monthly is the exact same thing.

Perhaps stats haven’t been calculated yet? AWStats didn’t have anything on our box right away. Just checking, there are stats starting on the 22nd.

I assumed, and had very much hoped, that AwStats and Analog stats was “just” two more ways to crunch the same, read already existing log files.

The stats program hasn’t run on your box yet. Mine runs early in the morning so I would check tomorrow after 9am.

Also, it does not backlog, the new stats will start from the day you have upgraded.

RWF: Unfortunately it isn’t practical to keep all previous log files, once stats are calculated for the day the raw log files are purged.

Justec: No, there’s no server wide scan set up - and I haven’t given much thought to setting this up, but the first step would be to set up clamd to run as root - since it will need to be able to access all fiels on the server. You do this by editing /etc/clamd.conf and commenting out the line:

User clamav

Then restart clamd:

service clamd restart

Then, you just run the program clamdscan in the directory you want to scan, details are in the clamdscan man page.

man clamdscan

For the second time since my upgrade my webserver has turned off. When I mean web server I am referring to just Apache, the server itself is up and running fine with all other services.

I think it has something to do with the stats which run in the morning. I have not changed anything apache config files or added any accounts since the upgrade. It is weird that sometimes it’s fine, 4 out of the 6 days I have had 1.9 the webserer was still up after the stats.

I guess it could be unrelated, but that fact that it happens around the same time as the stats is why I’m thinking it is linked somehow.

In the Log I got a bunch of these warnings before it shutdown:

[Mon Feb 28 08:07:39 2005] [warn] child process 25645 still did not exit, sending a SIGTERM
[Mon Feb 28 08:07:39 2005] [warn] child process 25646 still did not exit, sending a SIGTERM

Any ideas?


Just a post to congratulate Interworx team for this release. Nifty and nice new features and smooth patching :slight_smile:

Keep the good work!


Since the upgrade, I’m getting a lot of these messaages when trying to browse various siteworx accounts from within the Nodeworx interface:

InterWorx Oops: /home/interworx/include/nodeworx/IPAddress.php (130):

/home/interworx/include/debug.php debug_printstacktrace (182)
0 debug_assert (0)
/home/interworx/include/nodeworx/IPAddress.php assert (130)
/home/interworx/include/nodeworx/IPAddress.php _populate (85)
/home/interworx/include/nodeworx/IPAddress.php _populateip (63)
/home/interworx/include/siteworx/SiteWorx.php ipaddress (1649)
/home/interworx/include/siteworx/SiteWorx.php getiptype (349)
/home/interworx/siteworx/html/siteworx.php getsmarty (45)
/home/interworx/siteworx/html/siteworx.php _il_exec (2)

/home/interworx/include/debug.php debug_printstacktrace (127)
/home/interworx/include/database.php debug_die (62)
/home/interworx/include/database.php db_query (117)
/home/interworx/include/nodeworx/IPAddress.php db_object (142)
/home/interworx/include/nodeworx/IPAddress.php _populate (85)
/home/interworx/include/nodeworx/IPAddress.php _populateip (63)
/home/interworx/include/siteworx/SiteWorx.php ipaddress (1649)
/home/interworx/include/siteworx/SiteWorx.php getiptype (349)
/home/interworx/siteworx/html/siteworx.php getsmarty (45)
/home/interworx/siteworx/html/siteworx.php _il_exec (2)

/home/interworx/include/database.php(62): DB Error: syntax error

edit I also seem to be missing the last 2 IPs on the box in the IP Management section … (these things seem related).



Congrats on the 1.9 release. When I select an account plan from the popup in the new account page, I get a javascript dialog that simply says “Hi”. I assume this is some debug code that slipped through to release?

JB: Are those two IPs still bound to the server (listed in ifconfig output). It’d probably be best if you could open a support ticket to better track this issue.

PaulK: Which theme are you using?


PaulK: I’m not sure which section you’re describing. Do you mean “drop down” instead of “pop up”?

I would assume they are as the web sites that are bound to them are still responding correctly …


/sbin/ifconfig reveals:

and eth0:1-9 are bound

… with the execption of eth0:7 – this one (and it’s associated IP) are missing, but aren’t the IPs in question from Nodeworx.



JB, try running the /home/interworx/cron/ip.pex --sync

If that doesn’t help, open a support ticket w/ your server login info and we’ll check it out.


Good good … the script did re-sync them. Yea.

FYI, when they re-appeared, the IPs in question showed up as “dedicated,” even though I could view the 4 domains bound to the IP via the hyperlink. Once I re-chose “shared,” I received the “4 Domains” indicator by the IP (which was missing).

As for the other issue of the missing eth0:7 – maybe I’ve just never noticed this before (and/or never had a need to look). Obviously, I’d like to have access to that IP. I know it’s not your issue that it doesn’t seem to exist at the box level currently – but I’d appreciate it if you could throw me a pearl. Any thoughts as how to remedy this?

edit … nm, a reboot re-bound it. Thx for the help.


OH … new problem.

Any of the 4 domains that resolved to the once-missing IP now all pull the SAME web site after the re-sync … !


Meaning, DNS resolves the IP addy fine, goes to the box and pulls the same web site for all 4 domains.


edit moving to support ticket …


It happen again today, I had to start up Apache manually :frowning:

No one else is having this problem?

Another thing I noticed:

Update was done at 8:22am this morning (Mar-1), the same time apache shut down so maybe it isn’t the Stats, but the update.

It shut down yesterday at 8:07am (Feb-28). There was no update on the 28th, but there was an update on the 27th. Apache did not shut down on the 27th which was good, but the update that ran on the 27th ran at 8:07am which happen to be the same time apache shut down yesterday morning (Feb-28th).

Any ideas?