InterWorx 4.5 Sneak Peek!

Hey guys -

Just wanted to show off a bit :slight_smile:


To field the inevitable question - no, it’s not a global change. It’s a new user-level setting, and will not be the default on upgrade, so no one will get nasty surprises :slight_smile:

The old way is getting some improvements and polish as well, but nothing this drastic. I finally found a way to get the Quick SiteWorx Login on every page, which is rather convenient, and the icons were updated as well.

Lemme know what you think!


It looks really great. Can’t wait for it to be available.
When do you expect it to be there?

Dunno, soonish - we’re not sitting on it for a later version or anything. I’m not sure what else is slated for the next release, though, so it might not be too soon.

I can pretty well guarantee it’ll be out by July 19, though - this is one of the features we want to show off at HostingCon 2010 :slight_smile:

If possible… It would be great if there was a way to switch between domains/accounts faster from within Siteworx for Server Admins. Kind of a pain to have to “logout”, then click Siteworx Accounts, find the account in the list of a 100 or more then click the link. Maybe a drop down in Siteworx that shows for server admins only?

Some help is on the way, though not what you’re thinking of, I’m afraid.

The quick SiteWorx Login, currently on the NodeWorx home page only, will be on all pages in both menu styles. This will let you log in to a SiteWorx account directly, without needing to go to the SiteWorx page first.

I think you’re talking about something in SiteWorx that would let you go directly to another SiteWorx account? That wouldn’t be possible - the way out security/session system works, when you log in as a SiteWorx user, you ARE that user. Even to our system, I don’t think there’s any way to tell that you’re a NodeWorx user that’s popped over to SiteWorx for a moment.


First off, forgot to say in the last post, that I really like the new look and like the idea of everything being in one spot/window (although I wonder about not having the ability to restart services easily available on the home screen, but I guess that isn’t used as much as others…).
You are correct in what I am asking, but I wonder if it COULD be done. Siteworx is logging me in automatically anyway, why not have a dropdown (or the type in box that is on the Nodeworx page) available that then sends you through the login routine for Siteworx (which I would pass automaticaly as a sysadmin)… Not a big deal, just a convenience issue. 1 click versus 4 or 5.

Looks AMAZING!!! I don’t know how Interworx Sales are going, but they better be up there because I’m really not seeing these types of constant BIG improvements from the other ‘big guns’!

Keep up the great work guys! =)

Any ideas about release date?

Probably this week, maybe even today - we have everything built, but didn’t get it out of the door before HostingCon. Figured releasing it during the one week of the year our response times are worst was a bad idea :slight_smile:

Lol, good thinking Tim. I have to say it looks very nice, release it now! (joking)

YES YES, do it today! :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, I think I’m more excited to learn/see more about the HA project including pricing and such.

me <— also eagerly awaiting HA release date and pricing details.

I agree with Rob, can’t wait to play with HA.

HA is going to be a 5.0 thing, not 4.5. We don’t want to make the claim “highly available” lightly, you know?

Soon, though - we want this to be real as much (maybe more!) than you do :slight_smile:


So, 5.0 is going to be released a month after 4.5? crosses fingers :stuck_out_tongue: In all seriousness, I think a number of us would be satisfied if the only major thing in 5.0 was HA. :slight_smile: