InterWorx 5.0.15-654 Now on the Beta Channel!

Version 5.0.15 is a large bug fix release, and it is now live on the beta channel! If you’d like to try it out on your system, change the update repository on your system to Beta (

Below is a summary of the changes included in 5.0.15 build 654:


  • Added password reset emails to translation files
  • Added ability for translations to contain newlines
  • Added secondary-to-primary to the domain promoter script
  • Moved responsibility for [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] to configurable plugin, allowing additional emails to be created
  • Added feature use detection for custom themes to anonymous data collection
  • Fixed wording on Plesk 9 importer.
  • Added a --no-restart parameter to import.pex to prevent Apache restarts.
  • Converted backup creation emails to a bulk digest format.
  • Allowed SRV records to be manageable by SiteWorx.
  • Made the "login" permission checked by default for new NodeWorx users
  • Updated the German language file
  • Added quickhelp for "Managed by InterWorx" on the System IPs page
  • Default charset now editable through the NodeWorx >> System Services >> Web Server page
[B] Bug Fixes:[/B]
  • Fixed an issue with mounting NFS directories over UDP.
  • Modified default TLS ciphers used with qmail for PCI compliance
  • Fixed a problem where autocomplete hint was not cleared on text areas
  • Removed hard-coded English from firewall controller.
  • Fixed incorrect VPS detection on CloudLinux.
  • Fixed a bug preventing some SiteWorx IPs from being editable.
  • Added support to cpanel importer to import CNAME and SRV records
  • Fixed IPv6 management on CloudLinux
  • Fixed problem with starting Apache via InterWorx when start on boot is false
  • Fixed a problem with checking PHP version when client has ionCube encoder enabled
  • Fixed a bug allowing the deletion of SOA records.
  • Fixed importing of SSL domains on CentOS 6+.
  • Fixes default FTP password setup on new accounts.
  • Added fallback to DNS template on secondary domain add when zone is missing.
  • Updated 'help' link to most recent URL.
  • Fixed sql file matching for cPanel imports.
  • Fixed a JS issue that made radio inputs with custom input difficult to use
  • Prevented modification of PHP variables in suPHP .htaccess files.
  • Fixed deprecated Horde code that was throwing errors on contact creation.
  • Added a problem detector for an unwriteable /tmp dir.
  • Fixed typos in English language file.
  • Fixed generic hostname in notification e-mails.
  • Fixed editing APF settings in the new APF version.
  • Fixed default IPv6 gateway reporting.
  • Fixed an issue with form tests if Rails is not installed
  • Fixed a stacktrace in the htaccess section of SiteWorx
  • Fixed the application of DNS template NS records.
  • Fixed validation of all-numeric subdomain prefixes
  • Fixed SOA record inheritance for server aliases.
  • Fixed nesting error when importing from cPanel 11.40.1
  • Fixed issue where subdomain.dir.create failed when SiteWorx user had an invalid shell
  • Fixed issue where " " couldn't be use as a thousands separator in iworx.ini
  • Fixed issue where pulling a node didn't remove the IP from the load-balancing policies
  • Redirected the "Help" link to go to NodeWorx support documentation
  • Fixed RRD link for additional network interfaces
  • Fixed an issue where secondary domains wouldn't create a vhost correctly
  • Fixed issue with the catchall email address text box in Gecko based browsers (Firefox)
  • Fixed issue preventing the addition of multiple trusted interfaces
  • Fixed issue with restarting the load balancer no bringing it back up
  • Fixed issue with Download link on Server Logs page in NodeWorx

Feel free to discuss this release or ask questions here, but for the serious issues, open a ticket at the support desk.


Love it :smiley: I use the beta on my server because it’s just me on it. Can’t wait for the roundcube updates as the current one has vulnerabilities in it sadly.
Keep up the good work guys.

Hello Brett,

Do you have any information about wich lines was added in English lang file after updates?
I don’t have excell to compare, in one of (ex: Hungarian v4.11.4[RIGHT]) translation file are: 3845 lines and new english file contains 4346 lines.[/RIGHT]

Thank You,

“Sorry for my English”

Hi bblori – no, unfortunately I don’t have the line numbers that were updated. Sounds like there’s been a lot of changes if the Hungarian version dates back to InterWorx 4.11.4 – if you go through and update it and submit it to us, I can give you a discount on your license lease.

Let me know if you’re interested!