InterWorx 5 RC2 Released!

A couple of minor issues were reported in RC1, which we fixed and are now released as part of RC2.

If you’re not subscribed to either channel, you can find instructions here:

Below is a summary of changes in 5 RC2 build 543:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug preventing the pre-upgrade backup from executing under maintenance mode
  • Ensured that the SPF record edit form contained version information
  • Changed VPS detection to use full path to lspci instead of relying on the user's $PATH
  • Fixed "locked_domains" error when master siteworx users tries to change his own password
  • Fixed an error where depleted pools could result in invalid IPv6 addresses in the InterWorx database
  • Fixed an error that prevented NodeWorx graphs from loading
All InterWorx servers that have auto-updates enabled will be updated according to their subscribed release channel over the next 24 hours. To see the full changelog for these and previous releases, head here:

Feel free to discuss this release or ask questions here, but for the serious issues, open a ticket at the support desk.