InterWorx 6.0 is in the beta and release-candidate channel!

This announcement is a little late, to see all changes for InterWorx 6.0+ check out the changelog:


If you’d like to take part in the beta for InterWorx 6.0 log into Nodeworx and go to Server > Software Updates and change the dropdown at Interworx Update Channel to “Beta” or “Release-Candidate”. Features may be added or changed before release. CentOS 5 is no longer supported for InterWorx 6.0.

(For more detailed information on Software Channels, go here:


  • Added support for multiple versions of PHP-FPM

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Let?s Encrypt certificate regeneration
  • Fixed a bug with hotlink protection
  • Remove a literal found in some upgraded vhost files
  • Fixed Smarty display errors
  • Fixed a Smarty error in the javascript loader template
  • Fixed a formatting issue on the DNS Record Edit page


Any idea when v6 will land in the Release channel? Are there any other enhancements to be aware of? I will test on a separate server, but it would be good to know when to be ready for any support issues arising from it.

Hi jimp

It is already in release candidate and works lovely

I cannot see any issues on our servers, and I think the biggest issue was over understanding multi php

Sorry, I just realised you meant release channel, so I guess it won’t be long now as it’s been on RC for a month or so now

Many thanks


Thanks, but I’m looking for a more precise deploy date. Multiple PHP versions is a great feature, but I figure there might be more included to require a change in the major version number.

Hi jimp

Many thanks

I’m not sure time frames were precise over releasing updates. I always use RC, once tested on a test server first but I also thought 6 - 8 weeks for RC to R and 3 months for stable

I believe the version change was not fully announced as v5 was, due to the dropping of centos 5 from support, so this signifies the version change. Ie if on v6.n.n, you should not be using centos 5, or if you are, it is not support (but I feel if you contact IW support, they’ll do their best to help). Also, multiPHP was added

I could be wrong though, so apologies in advance if I am

Many thanks


Hello! There is not a set release date for 6.0.x, yet, however it is feature locked, so good things will be coming soon! We just want to make sure to have everything as tight as possible before releasing. Multiple PHP is the biggest change in 6.0.x, and John is correct that the number change involved no longer supporting CentOS 5–was nice to have a distinct cut off for that support. We’ve also been doing a rapid release cycle for the last year or so (all of 5.1.x), which has meant that, instead of hoarding new features and bug fixes, we’ve been putting them out nearly every week, which is one of the reasons why the feature list for 6.0 is not super long.

Here’s the release notes if you want to take a look at what has been done so far for 6.0.x:

I’ll keep an eye here for any other questions! :slight_smile:

That’s awesome the multi PHP is integrated right in! I hope my tinkering below helped :slight_smile:

Hi justec

I hope your keeping well and not caught up too much with the bad weather

I have always posted and gave credit to Michael and yourself for multiPHP

So kudos to you and Michael

Many thanks