InterWorx a DNS and Windows Server

Hello everyone,

I would like some feedback. I have made the decission to go with a Windows Server for all my clients that wish to use FrontPage with Extensions, etc.

(I know, I know, no M$ wise cracks…lol)

Well what I am planing on doing is the Windows Box will be for hosting sites only, no email, databases, all that will be on a IW Linux server. I plan to run DNS (zones) off the IW server and just point the A record towards the Windows Box.

But what I am trying to figure out is how will I set up Webmail (Horde) if the A record is pointing towards the Windows Box. I tried to login to Web mail by using the servers url, but Horde will not let me login in, any ideas or suggestions for a work around?

Hi chakusib

I would ssh into server and run ./varfixperms.pex (run as root or sudo)

Then webmail in your example would be FQDN of server with /webmail

Many thanks