InterworX and Licensecart

I am a New member. So I have been Lurking here a while. Tried Interworx a while back but wasn’t fair enough in my review. So after a bout with the UMM “other guys” I just bought a license for a few months at LicenseCart (more on this later). This allowed me to really just force myself to sit back and study it. So in being honest with myself I really prefer it over the other guys. Now no software is perfect but it has a lot of what is really needed. I will be sticking with you guys for a while so thanks.

Now this very well may be something you all know… I have to give a shout out to my License “Mate” over at Licensecart Michael Dance. Now this guy might be English :cool: but he is unparalleled in is ease of use, ordering, delivery and customer service. I forgot his Knowledge Base and Install guides. I will make is simple He responded to my emails at 2230 England time. Really mate get some sleep…Thanks for it all. So to Interworx you got a heck of a License partner in Michael. All this from just a regular Ole Boy from Tennessee…

Brent Dacus

Hi bdacus01

Welcome to IW forums and glad your enjoying IW

Mike is a lovely chap, yes very definitely English (just up the road from me), and very knowledgeable.

I keep threatening to pinch his knowledge base

Thanks for posting with experience of IW and reseller

Many thanks