Interworx and Wordpress permissions

Just switched to Interworx and LOVE it until now. Today was the first day back at publishing and I’m starting to see a couple of minor bumps.
Running a handful of Wordpress sites and all are now kicking this error when any file is uploaded. Sites were migrated and NOT installed with SimpleScripts or Softalicious.

“The uploaded file could not be moved to wp-content/uploads/…”

(php.ini is set to allow 150M uploads, 150M posts so it’s not a size problem - this happens with even with small 100k files.)
To step back for a moment, the first indication that I was going to run into some issues was was that I could not login to any of WP sites, getting a 500 error instead. I figured out that had to do with running PHP as SiteWorx user or Apache setting. If if runs as SiteWorx you cannot login. Switch to run as Apache, and I can login. (The websites for USERS load in either case with no errors.)

After resolving that came the upload errors and I get the feeling that it’s related.

I know this is a permissions/ownership problem but I cannot for the life of me figure out what configuration is correct.

Currently, directories are owned by "" GROUP is “username”. I have investigated directory perms and all line up with the previous WP site perm HOWEVER the previous install OWNER and GROUP are both “username”. I have also experimented with 777s and the problem still exists.

Has anyone seen this before? I do see a few references in WP forums but those appear to be old unresolved/abandoned threads and none are Interworx related.

Does it make more sense to solve the “Run as Siteworx” issue? Or would it be better to solve the owner/perms?

Thanks for any help.

Hi everettmarshall

Glad your liking IW and welcome to the forums.

I always use aoftaculous for installing WP, then import but that’s just me.

Which php.ini did you adjust, as IW has 2 php, 1 used for IW only and 1 for hosting.

It could just be you have set the wrong php.ini and also, did you restart httpd.

Permissions I thought were similar to iWorx:iWorx or iWorx:apache, not seen ftp@ but then never had need sorry.

I prefer to set to use iWorx over apache for php myself.

I hope that helps

Many thanks


I was not able resolve the issue without starting over. I finally just created a fresh WP install, copied all the content to the server, and imported the DB. After that files uploads worked just fine, however this is not I expect it to function when I have not had the problem when using other CPs.

At this point I have run into yet another issue that has brought me to the point where I’ll probably choose another solution. I decided to move to a different VPS host and after installing Interworx I’m not able to get it to connect to MySQL.

I really like the depth of Interworx features, but I’m not a reseller and I’ve spent too much time trying to fix basic functions.

Hi everettmarshall

I’m sorry to hear that, most users of IW do not have these issues, but please remember it is a cp over a distro, not a complete distro-cp, which allows you as the admin over the entire server systems, to do what you want, which is why support does not cover distro issues.

In reality, IW support are the best I have ever dealt with, in over 30 odd years… And I’m sure they’ll be able to help, where they can.

I would suggest you open a support ticket, nodeworx, remote support, and please ensure you have activated remote support and confirmed activated from remote support in your ticket.

If you have not purchased your license directly from IW, but one of their excellent chosen resellers of licences, then please open a ticket with the provider.

I hope that helps, and in case your not aware, I do not work for IW, and we have many full licences which include full rebranding, but we were so impressed with IW, we do not rebrand by choice.

Many thanks


I have to agree with John. We have used many panels over the last 15 years and not a single one is without bugs or inconsistencies. Nodeworx is by far the best panel there is and the support is aweseome. And like most of the time only about 10% of my questions/problems are actual bugs (and nothing severe),the rest are sitting right in front of my computer.

That said, I can see how the learning curve can be a bit steep if you’re not intending to use the panel as a reseller and only need this for one server and for yourself. But as soon as you grow, start to have a larger customer base and more complex tasks, the real strengths of Nodeworx start to kick in. The whole system scales wonderfully and it is a dream to use, which makes those minor understanding and configuration issues at the beginning really worthwhile.

I am using Softaculous to install Vanilla WPs, then copy wp-content with SCP directly and then import the database I exported with WP Migrate DB Pro (if you don’t know/use it, check it out, best DB migration for Wordpress). All in all it takes me less then 5 mins to migrate WP sites, no matter how large.

“I know this is a permissions/ownership problem but I cannot for the life of me figure out what configuration is correct.”

Not sure if this is related to your problem, but definitely could be…

If you just manually copied over the files and did it as root or some other user then those files would take on root ownership which doesn’t work when Apache / PHP with SiteWorx user.
You would need to chown all the files in the web directory back to the SiteWorx user.

First thing I tought of while reading your post was suPHP. A while back I couldn’t even get the WP install script to execute running PHP as SW users. But since I really didn’t need the extra measures (1 VPS, 2 domains), I switched to running PHP as Apache and WP installed. I never did figure out why it worked out that way. If you have other users besides yourself, suPHP is the way to go.

Hi purple45, is that a question? Or do you simply agree?

Hi Michael

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