InterWorx-bin RPM updated to 2.0.2!

Another RPM update for you: the InterWorx-bin RPM updated to 2.0.2!

This update fixes a problem with delivery of certain messages when “vacation” mode enabled for e-mail boxes.

Any suggestions for what RPM we should update next? :slight_smile:


OpenSSL would be good please to stop beast which shows on SSL check.

This would allow an A rating and become pci compliant or at least allow pci compliance for those who want too

I think though it maybe in beta 5

Many thanks


Hi John,

We don’t distribute openssl packages, as usually upgrading versions is a fairly big deal. However, we might be able to help mitigate whatever the pci scan is complaining about, if we had the details.

Hi Paul

That was quick sorry

I made a post on the forum about this and no one responded but I honestly thought it was part of interworx.

Here the link

We use sslchecker and I’d really love to have this corrected but it maybe because I’ve got the wrong ciphers on but ideally would like tls 1.2

I’m sorry if this is not part of interworx

Many thanks