InterWorx Branding Pack

Hey guys,

We’re just tidying up our website right now, and noticed that the contents of the InterWorx branding pack are mostly rather low-res, and there are no images with transparency in there either.

Any chance you guys could look at putting together some updated logos and brand collateral for us hosts to use when we endlessly whiter on about how much we love InterWorx?



Hey Hacman,

I updated the zip files with what you’re looking for. Thanks for reminding us.
This has been long overdue!


Check out the new Interworx “badges” I added below the logos. I figured we should have a quick copy-paste solution for putting our logo in places.


Oh my, that was quick!!

The new brand pack looks awesome! Love the code snippets too - does the one that shows the version number update automagically when you guys do a new release?!

Thanks very much!



Yeah, the numbers/dates will update globally on release!

I’ve currently got it set to a static number in my PHP, but when I get the hook, I’ll set to grab from releases.


Thanks again!


Oh cool. Thanks for the heads-up.

nice once!