InterWorx CLI API: Best method to look up all domains for a given SiteWorx domain?

Starting with a SiteWorx master domain, what is the best approach for discovering ALL domains associated with that account? The problem is I need to suspend the account (no problem), but I also suspend the DNS for account as well. I have been searching the API documentation, but this is all I have come up with so far:

  • SiteWorx: Query for all pointer domains.
  • SiteWorx: Query for all slave domains.
  • Merge the results.
  • NodeWorx: Suspend each domain individually, by domain name. [/LIST] It feels like too many steps, especially if I consider that my code will miss (for example) "Parked Domains" if that feature is introduced in the future.

    Do any of these API methods exist?

  • NodeWorx: A method to retrieve the master domain by [B]any[/B] given domain name?
  • NodeWorx: A method to retrieve all domain names associated with a given master domain?
  • SiteWorx: A method to suspend all DNS by a given master domain? [/LIST]