InterWorx Control Panel v4.8.2 Released!

InterWorx is proud to announce the release of the InterWorx-CP version 4.8.2
InterWorx today has released version 4.8.2 of its Hosting Control Panel. The update can be acquired via automatic updates or by running

yum update

in the command line. We encourage all clients to update to take advantage of the numerous bug fixes and new features this update brings. As always, this update is free for all control panel licenses.

In addition to updates to InterWorx, we have also released an update to the Apache webserver for Redhat 5 and 6 compatible systems. The apache version is now 2.2.20, which includes a fix for CVE-2011-3192.

version 4.8.2 build 411 (2011-08-31)

  • The Czech language file has been updated for compatibility with 4.8.
  • The message shown on the reseller add form when no IPs are available to be assigned to a new reseller has been clarified.
  • You can now press [ESC] to close popup forms.
  • Logout problems with the file manager resulting from a malformed link have been repaired.
  • It's now possible for secondary users in both NodeWorx and SiteWorx to edit their own username and password, without having access to the Users page.
  • A few small fixes to the Ensim importer have been made.
  • NFS server status now works correctly on RHEL6 and CentOS 6, and the NFS RRD graphs have been adjusted and are working again.
  • Error messages for failing cron-based backups are streamlined.
  • The URL redirects for http://domain.tld/siteworx and http://domain.tld/nodeworx now function correctly when Default Sites is enabled.
  • There's been a minor fix to error handling for Rails apps.
  • DNS record importing now fails gracefully, if it fails at all.
  • The initial creation of the namevirtualhost.conf file has been fixed.