InterWorx-CP 3.0 Released!

We are extremely happy to announce the release of InterWorx-CP version 3.0.

This update will be applied automatically within 24 hours if your server has auto-updates enabled (the default). If you choose to perform the update manually we recommend logging into your server as root, and running the command:

yum update

Note: If are manually updating a cluster, you should upgrade the cluster manager first, and do the cluster nodes next. If you update a cluster node first, it won’t break anything, but the node will wait until the manager is updated before it allows the upgrade to complete, which may be confusing.

Note: If you have any problems with this update and need our immediate attention, please open a Support Ticket. Otherwise, feel free to discuss the release here on this forum thread.

This release has been a long time coming, and we never would have got there without all the good folks that helped out by testing the release-candidate versions. Thank you!

Here’s a list of the most notable new features and improvements:

* Secondary Domains in SiteWorx (multi-domain support)
SiteWorx now has the ability to manage more than one domain. These new domains share the resources allocated to the SiteWorx account. This feature allows you to offer multi-domain hosting packages without the overhead of a full blown reseller account.

* Secondary NodeWorx and Reseller users
NodeWorx users can now create secondary users, like is available in SiteWorx, and allow these users access to only certain areas of the control panel.

* SiteWorx Mail Filters
To assist with spam management we’ve added the ability to automatically delete messages with the e-mail subject or sender containing specific text.

* DNS Template System
Each reseller now has access to their own DNS template that is used for all new websites created under their account.

* DNS Sync’ing Between InterWorx Boxes
There is now a publisher / listener system for DNS records - any InterWorx-CP server can publish DNS records for another if configured to, providing flexibility to allow DNS for multiple servers to be set up any way you want.

* Reseller Specific Themes
Resellers can now create and upload their own InterWorx-CP theme for their SiteWorx users to use.

* Additional Reseller limits
There’s now virtually no limit to the ways you can limit your resellers :). The new reseller limit system allows you to define exactly how many e-mail boxes, databases, domains, subdomains, etc. a reseller is allowed to give to his SiteWorx accounts. This allows you to get very creative with your reseller hosting packages! Bandwidth and Storage can now be set to NOT allow reseller overselling. Of course, the ever popular “unlimited” option is still available.

* Reseller Packages
With all these new reseller limits, there needs to be a way to manage these reseller packages. Very much like the SiteWorx packages feature you’re familiar with, but for resellers.

* Reseller Bandwidth History
You can now track your reseller’s monthly bandwidth usage, much like you can for individual SiteWorx accounts.

* Directory Management (.htaccess front-end in SiteWorx)
A big addition to SiteWorx, this interface allows the website user access to the most common .htaccess file apache configuration options.

* SSH Service Management Page
Due to popular demand, NodeWorx now has a SSH config page.

* Webmail Selector Page
Due to even more popular demand, The default /webmail url now allows the user to choose between horde/imp and squirrelmail, so they can pick which webmail client they want to use.

* Improved Backup System
The SiteWorx Account backup/restore system has had a major overhaul, improving stability, adding new features, and still maintaining backwards compatibility with the old backup format (phew).
Full backups now contain reseller data as well, so reseller account data can optionally be imported when moving an account from one server to another.

* Improved Import System
The InterWorx Mass Transfer interface has been drastically improved to take advantage of the improvements to the backup/restore system mentioned above.

* Enhanced ScriptWorx
Scriptworx has also undergone a major overhaul. There’s a bunch of new scripts to pick from, and there’s even support for adding new scripts to the system (requires some php programming knowledge).

* Enhanced SiteWorx level spam management
One of our most asked for features, SiteWorx users now have the ability to automatically kill Spam tagged above a custom threshold. They also get a less confusing, more user friendly interface for managing their site’s Spam preferences. Lucky them!

* Supporting software updates (Horde, squirrelmail, phpMyAdmin)
These supporting scripts are now upgraded to the latest & greatest.

* Numerous interface performance tweaks
Hopefully you’ll discover some pages in the control panel that used to take a while to load, are now much faster.

Thank you again to everyone that helped this release along - the testers, the feature request posters, and all the InterWorx-CP users!

Paul & the rest of the InterWorx crew.

Well done guys!!! :smiley:

Quick q; will this update be ‘happy’ on FC4?? :wink:

Quick q; will this update be ‘happy’ on FC4??

Yes, happy as a clam.

Thank you so much for this great product!! :slight_smile:

At Laaast, the iworx team decided, and InterWorx 3 is FINALLY released. :slight_smile:

Well done. And probably you people should take some rest now (but the support tickets may not allow you to do that) :slight_smile:

PS: Another thing noted is, Chris is absent in the (iworx) forums for a while (? even long before iworx3 RC is released?).

He’s just giving Pascal and I chance to catch up in forum posts. :wink:

There’s now a story on Digg about this release! Go here and support the guys with a Digg.

Many thanks guys, your work is much appreciated!
The update seems to have gone through well, except that the gui is extremely slugish.
I’ll bounce the iworx service to see if it helps.


Which server environment are you running, tsl?


i will put in a ticket i cannot get into nodeworx or siteworx, it was set for automatic update.




We’re running CentOS 4.5 (final). I just found out what’s causing the slowdown and it’s due to the darn NFS filebackups that are still running (not Iworx related). Sorry, except for that all is good :slight_smile:


For some reason some of our resellers’ users have received a stack of over disk-use emails, although when checking in their account, they’re well under quota, per the print-out on the screen.

ok sorted run yum update again still could not get into nodeworx but after
service iworx restart can now login to nodeworx and siteworx

Thanks for the final guys appreciated.


Nice work guys. Automatically updated from RC4 like a charm. v3 rocks. :slight_smile:

Hard to guess what might be going on here without more details. Feel free to open a ticket about the issue, and include some of the sample e-mails.


Would it be possible to add a procmail interface to individual email-accounts in siteworx in order to automagically sort incoming emails to it’s designated folder?

You could use maildrop instead of procmail, but at this point there’s no siteworx interface for anything like this. You’d have to put the maildrop script in the right place for the user.

As an example, if the e-mail box was for, and you wanted to filter mail with Subject containing “Forums” to the “forums” IMAP folder. You’d create the file


And put the following inside it, which is maildrop syntax:

if (/^Subject: .*Forums/)
   to "$IW_MAILDIR/.forums"

I should add that this isn’t documented anywhere yet. But hey, you asked.


  • Corey

All I have to say is… you guys are INCREDIBLE!

I’d been checking this forum every single day for ANY news on the upcoming release - I stopped checking for 3 days while I settled into a new job, I login to Nodeworx today and was SHOCKED at what I saw!

You guys continue to amaze!! Please keep up the great work =)


I am using SiteWorx v. 3.0.1, but I can’t make SiteWorx delete the SPAM-messages with a spam score higher then my threshold…

This are the settings I use:
[INDENT]SpamAssassin Status:

Spam Delivery:
(4) Delete Spam scored higher than this value

Spam Score Threshold:
5 (Aggressive)

Rewrite Message Subject:

Message Attachment Policy:
Create a new report message and attach the original spam message as an attachment (default)

Advanced SpamAssassin Custom Options:
use_bayes 1
use_bayes_rules 1
bayes_auto_learn 1
required_score 5
rewrite_header subject [SPAM]
report_safe 1

Global Default Spam Preferences:
Preference: Value:
report_safe 0
use_auto_whitelist 1
rewrite_header subject [SPAM]

[/INDENT]Anyone an idea what’s the problem and how to solve it? I am flooded with spammails for the moment, that’s why i directly want to delete them!

Thanks in advance!