InterWorx-CP 3.0

Maybe I’m too curious… But when will the demo be on-line :wink:

The InterWorx-CP 2.1.x demo is back online (it was down during HostingCon last week).

Regarding 3.0, we’re still in the testing stages and will have something out to everyone “soon” :). I think I opened my mouth and said “by HostingCon” it would be done and I guess this underscores why we don’t give release dates ;). We demo’d v3 at HostingCon and it’ll be out soon.


Am I right that the email only backup feature changed in this release?

Since when I backup the with he option “–email” now, the accounts and the data (mail) is exported, right? (because the backup files are between 1 and 300 Mbyte).

Accodring to this page:
“It DOES NOT back up the contents of those email boxes.”

Thanks for pointing that out. That is actually a bug in the documentation. :slight_smile: A partial email backup has always backed up the email data.


OK thanks Socheat!

Regarding the backup feature, it’s improved for what I can read. So is it faster?

Main problem we are having now is that lot’s of people shedule their backup at 0.00 h so 50+ backups start at once, creating a huge load of 30+. I hope that only one backup at a time is allowed now or that the sheduled backups are in a que now.



FIXED :slight_smile:

Will go live next time we sync the site.

ok, just curious how close 3.0 is.
i know release dates cant be given, and thats ok, im just looking to see if its soon or later
or just to get an update on the status, thats all

It’s been in testing for a few weeks now all and is looking good. It’s “getting close” and that’s about as definite as I can get on things :).


No public betas? :stuck_out_tongue:

Coming up on eight weeks since the last mention, Chris. Any chance of an update on status?

It’s still in testing. The feature set is “set” and coded and we’ll release as soon as it’s ready. I’m sorry for the lack of updates but it’s just been a bit busy around here.

I will make a well informed prediction that you’ll see something before xmas… possibly sooner.


I love (early) presents :smiley:

I’m sure we’ll all be pleasantly surprised with the new release once it’s out :slight_smile: