InterWorx-CP Version 2.1.1 Released (bugfix)

This is a minor bugfix release. Servers with auto-update on will update automatically over the next 24 hours.

The bugs fixed in this release include:

SSL Cert bug: There was a problem adding SSL Certs without Chain certificates. This has been resolved.

Shared IP Address Bug: New Shared IPs added via the web interface would not set the “NameVirtualHost” apache config for these IPs, which is required. This is resolved.

DNS Export fix: All SOA variables now exported.

VPS Network Graph: Network graph showing up blank in some VPSs, now resolved.

API fixes: Whois.Cart, AWBS, and ClientExec API integration had issues as of 2.1.0, this release fixes those issues.

ScriptWorx delete: ScriptWorx installs failed to delete in some circumstances, this has been resolved.