InterWorx-CP Version 3.0.3 Released

This release fixes a HTML injection bug that could potentially be used as a cross-site-scripting attack entry point.

This was brought to our attention by Paulo in this thread:

Thank you Paulo.

Servers with auto-update enabled will have this update automatically applied at some time over the next 24 hours. You can do the update manually also. Login to the server as root and run the command:

yum update

In addition, Clam Antivirus has also been updated and will auto-update as well.


Since this 3.03 update, I have been having all kinds of problems on one of my servers.

Apache first crashes then high loads then all of the jvms stall. Its been going on repeatedly.

I tried to submit ticket the other day but your kayako isnt working doe to missing zend.


my server updated during the weekend to this version and i am experiencing higher than normal loads, slow page loading with nodeworx & siteworx probably due to high server loads but nodeworx uses more cpu with this update when using the interwox cp.
The server has gone down once yesterday and also it has gone down today, everything unaccessible and offline including no ssh access.

started getting a lot of these errors also since update
tinydns-data: fatal: unable to move data.tmp to data.cdb: file does not exist
The server load is very high at present and causes the server to crash, the only way i can get it online again is through my remote consul.

Thank you