Interworx create swap partition on 2nd HDD ?


It seems that iworx-cp install create the swap partition always on the 2nd HDD ? true ?

Here is my problem :
I had two boxes. On the old one I had 2 HDD
On the new one :

  • there was 2 HDD too (but I didn’t know that)
  • The swap partition was created on this 2nd HDD (hdb1)

When I asked to sago to move my 2nd HDD from my old box to the new one, they did it. They replaced the existing 2nd HDD with mine.

But on my 2nd HDD I have no swap partition !!!

so it is the pbm, I have no more swap available

Swap: 0k av, 0k used, 0k free 106988k cached

And in fstab it looks for a swap partition in hdb1

/dev/hdb1 swap swap defaults 0 0

and it doesn’t find it of course

Now what could I do ?
Resized my existing ext3 partition on my 2nd HDD (I have data on it) and add on it a swap partition ?

ok but I have some data on this one, will they be lost ?

I have 1GB ram memory, so should the swap partition be equal to 2GB ?

Any advise will be very welcomed



So Here is what I have done :

  • Moved existing data on the 2nd HDD to the 1st HDD
  • Created 2 partitions on the 2nd HDD
  • 1 swap 1024MB (hdb1) and the rest LINUX (hdb2)

For Hdb1
then modify /etc/fstab

For hdb2
Created the FS for hdb2 :
mkfs -t ext3 /dev/hdb2
‘labeled’ the partition :
e2label /dev/hdb2 /backups
Updated /etc/fstab :
LABEL=/backups /backups ext3 defaults 0 0
Mounted the partition :
mount /backups

and to finish I’ve copied the saved data on hda1 to /backups

Hope I’ve done everything fine

Hope everything is fine

IWorx doesn’t make any swap partitions at all pascal, it’s the redhat (or other) installer that does and they do put them on hdb1 by default if it exists.

What you did looks good to me as a “fix”.


IWorx doesn’t make any swap partitions at all pascal,

Well, I’m just saying that because, when I asked to sago helpdesk, they told to me that. Anyway…

Just let know everybody that this pbm may happens :slight_smile:

Thanks Chris and sorry for the mistake

It appears to be a CentOS thing. RH9 never did that for me. Sago support told me about the fact that it existed and was gone with the swapped hard drive and told me me to create it again if I needed it. I’ve lived withouth the swao partition just fine.

I’ve seen it on most RPM distros that use anaconda and I think our kickstart files are prone to making it choose hdb (if it exsits) for swap. The alternatvie at the DC is to use the kickstart script that lets them specify the partitions manually so if you order another box with dual drives just let them know and there is a workaround.