Interworx Development

How’s Iworx development going? I noticed the front page is still touting the release of 3.0 as brand new.

As someone who has LxAdmin/Kloxo (and who’s well aware of the huge security risk now being posed), I’m looking at moving away from them. I do need a clustered environment, and as such, the only options available are Iworx and H-Sphere (which I’ve sworn never to go back to)

So, is Interworx alive and well? How well is support?

Also, I’ve been browsing the forums a little bit, and was wondering, are there any core features missing?

How easy is the installation across multiple servers? What about migrations?

What I mean by migrations is the following :

1- moving one site from one cluster to another
2- storage and mysql. Should I just put this on a beefy server (contained within a vps), and move the vps whenever the server becomes obsolete?

How is reseller capability handled? Should I create two distinct clusters (and hence pay 2x more), or is there some way to make it easy to host shared and reseller in one place?

Has anyone ever had a problem with common/shared storage/mysql ever going down?

How easy is it to upgrade apache on Iworx? I know how to do it manually (and on cPanel/LxAdmin), but each panel has its own way of doing things.

Let me just say, InterWorx is live and well, and the next version will be released in the not to distant future (which is a relative term by the way). The next release will be a major upgrade and all I can say its very nice, currently in BETA testing.

Sorry don’t have time to get to your other questions. Have to run.

I’ll take a stab at answering a few more of those questions - thanks, R-n-R.

InterWorx is distributed as an RPM. The initial install is done by running the install script ( at the command line. A second step, called “goiworx” is also necessary on each server. In the current release, this is done via the command line, in the 4.0 beta, this step is also possible via the web interface.

There is nothing that specifically accelerates this process across multiple servers.

Migrations are fairly straightforward. On the “new” box, you can simply log in and direct the system to transfer the account from the “old” box. Basically, it’s an automated process that logs in, backs up the account, transfers it to the new system, and installs the account. It does NOT disable the “old” account - you’d need to disable it manually. This is to prevent service outages during DNS propogation. Alternately, you can back up the account and restore it manually.

InterWorx is split into two basic systems; NodeWorx and SiteWorx. NodeWorx is the “admin” side of things, SiteWorx is the “client” side of things. A Reseller is a special, limited NodeWorx account that can create its own SiteWorx accounts. There’s no need to create a second system for resellers - this is well integrated into the process.

The upcoming release has a new feature regarding databases (clustering or not). You can now set up multiple MySQL servers and shard out your clients/resellers to multiple MySQL instances.

Regarding the Apache upgrade - the upgrade is not managed by InterWorx at all, so it’s as easy/difficult as your distrobution makes it. We try to avoid the “my way or the highway” approach when it comes to supporting software packages; InterWorx tries to supplement and assist a systems administrator, not replace him.

Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any more questions or need assistance getting set up!