InterWorx Hosting Control Panel version 4.1.0 released!

We are happy to announce the release of InterWorx Hosting Control Panel 4.1.0.

This is the first release of the 4.x series that will be automatically applied to all current InterWorx servers, versions 3 and higher. All InterWorx servers that have auto-updates enabled can and should receive this update.

This will be an incremental release for servers already running version 4.0.0. For servers running version 3.0, this upgrade will be significant. From version 3 to 4, virtually every aspect of the software has been improved, inside and out.

Special notes for the version 3 to version 4 upgrade

Given the magnitude of this upgrade from version 3 to version 4, there are a few things you should be on the lookout for:

  1. Problems accessing InterWorx immediately following the upgrade
    IF you or your customers experience any problem logging in or accessing interworx after the upgrade, the first thing to try to fix it is to login as root, and restart interworx with the command
service iworx restart
service httpd restart

If problems persist after that, please open a support ticket.

  1. Problems accessing webmail immediately following the upgrade
    IF there are any problems accessing webmail, try the following things first:
service iworx restart
service httpd restart
~iworx/cron/iworx.pex --fively

If problems persist after that, please open a support ticket.

  1. Problems running PHP scripts on client websites
    We do not expect there to be significant problems with PHP scripts, but interworx version 4 does provide suphp as an optional server-wide option. In order to provide this feature, the upgrade script will have to make modifications to the clients’ apache virtualhost config files. If these files have been heavily customized, manual intervention may be required.

If needed, backups of the original virtualhost config files will be in /etc/httpd/conf.d/conf_backup/ after the upgrade.

If there are any website problems, first just try restarting the webserver and see if that helps.

As always, any other problems with or questions about this update can be sent via e-mail to, or by opening a support ticket via the web at

We’d like to give a huge thank you to all of you that have helped test and improve the 4.0 releases over the last few months.

Finally, starting now, we will be providing more details about updates in a change log format, the first of which you can see below.

InterWorx Hosting Control Panel ChangeLog

version 4.1.0 build 240 (2009-11-07)

        * This release is the first automatic update from version 3.x
          to 4.x.  We recommend that all interworx servers update to this
          version asap, and it should be applied automatically.

        * SimpleScripts and Softaculous Plugins now have both a SiteWorx
          Account package option that can be used to disable the feature
          on a per-account basis, and also a SiteWorx User Permission,
          to optionally disable access to these features for a secondary
          SiteWorx User.

        Bug fixes:
        * made siteworx bandwidth tracking more fault tolerant
        * added missing lang entry (cluster node delete)
        * fixed upgrade bug where siteworx accounts per-page kept getting
        * changed webmail applications to use imap-ssl rather than imap.
          This allows the server admin to disable imap but still allow
          imap-ssl and still allow webmail to work.
        * fixed interactive CLI bug with File Inputs
        * fixed sql error on mysql overview page on clustered nodes
        * fixed problem with webmail ini config's on upgrade
        * fixed overwritting stats.realtime / mem_chart setting on upgrade
        * fixed ownership of .license file on new installs done via websetup

version 4.0.0 build 235 (2009-11-03)

Thanks again!

Paul & the rest of the InterWorx crew.

Outstanding update! We use a real issued SSL cert for nodeworx login and had to edit the custom-conf file in /home/interworx/etc/httpd to fix it. Small price to pay for such a nice upgrade. We have updated 3 of our servers and that’s the only issue we have seen. The simplescripts are a real plus. I can only imagine what it would be like to keep up with all changes to programs in scriptworx. Very nice job to the whole Interworx team!


I have to say that I don’t generally keep up on the updates and stuff for Interworx, and when I looked at my panel this evening I was very pleasantly surprised. You guys have done an awesome job with the new version and the layout.

I have to say that when I originally switched from CPanel to Interworx I was skeptical but you all have done nothing but impress me and I plan on investing some money in the very near future to resell your product because of that.

Thanks very much for your work and efforts.


Nice upgrade, but one thing bit us. We had created a symlink in /etc/httpd/conf.d so that our default page would come up if someone landed on the server itself. Since this update changed all the names of the site .conf files in /etc/httpd/conf.d our symlink was broken, and the httpd service wouldn’t start. So, even though the server was up, email was up, etc, httpd was down.

Thanks for the notes and feedback guys.


Some folks have had a problem with the upgrade on servers running CentOS 3.x. For those folks, the following three commands should get things running:

rpm -Uvh \ \
~iworx/bin/upgrade.pex --version=4.1.0


InterWorx 4.1.0 build 243 is now released. See the ChangeLog for this release below:

version 4.1.0 build 243 (2009-11-12)

        * upgraded roundcube webmail to 0.3.1

        Bug fixes:
        * tightened validation on dns record adding in nodeworx
        * increased dns record target maxlength
        * dns record add form now forces user to select the record type first
        * fixed "Character set 'utf8' is not a compiled character set" when
                 error message creating backup of horde address book
        * fixed a bug where apache would inherit misc environment variables
                from the interworx environment when apache was restarted via
        * fixed "could not create mailbox" error in horde webmail
        * fixed fixed cron e-mail notice "Could not find update match for *.iworx"
        * fixed a problem with the built javascript bundles periodically failing,
                which would manifest itself as the SiteWorx or NodeWorx menus not
        * fixed a bug in hostname validation


InterWorx 4.1.0 build 247 is now released. See the ChangeLog for this release below.

version 4.1.0 build 247 (2009-12-08)
        * Change log added to main distribution.  Will be located at
          ~iworx/CHANGELOG going forward.

        * Added DnsRecord::queryRecords API action

        Interface Changes:
        * Changed form error rows to display highlighted red, with a yellow
          "error" sign instead of the red X when a message is present, providing
          a visual cue to the user that mousing over the error sign will
          yield more details about the error.

        Configuration Changes:
        * Enabled squirrelmail server-thread-sort and server-side-sorting to
          speed up squirrelmail webmail for large mail boxes

        Bug fixes:
        * Firewall start interface now reports failure correctly if the firewall
          cannot be started.
        * Fixed load balancer connections graph with 4 or more cluster nodes.
        * Fixed an error with deleting a cluster node when the cluster manager's
          mysql server is shut down.
        * Fixed a problem where the Automatic Updates status in NodeWorx would
          display "enabled" even if it was actually disabled by the user.
        * Fixed a bug in disabling mail local delivery in siteworx that would
          sometimes remove a needed newline from the qmail rcpthosts file.
        * Fixed ##LG_## errors in websetup / web based goiworx for new installs
        * Fixed a problem with testing the status of the local MySQL server,
          when custom changes to the "rootdsn" mysql server in iworx.ini were
          made prior to the interworx 4.x branch.
        * Fixed a problem with toggling the imap4-ssl start-on-boot form.
        * Fixed a problem viewing the current "smtproutes" config in
        * Fixed problem with SiteWorx SpamAssassin Form not accepting
          floating point numbers when it should.
        * Fixed SMTP Spam Treshold setting in nodeworx not saving unless SMTP
          Spam Scanning is enabled
        * Fixed web-based goiworx, which broke after improvement to built javascript
        * Fixed restoring an existing account from a backup when the domain is on a
          dedicated IP, and the account already exists on the server.
        * Changing a SiteWorx account's theme did not change the theme for
          all the users under that SiteWorx account.
        * Fixed an IP display problem in clusters on the MySQL Permissions
          SiteWorx page.
        * Adding accounts in a cluster would fail incorrectly if there were
          specific reseller limits set.
        * Fixed a problem accessing phpMyAdmin through some proxy servers
        * Adding a NS dns record would fail on the first attempt
        * SimpleScripts plugin is now more compatible with php open basedir
          restriction enabled.


What’s the spec of using queryRecords (parameters to pass to it?)

Scrap that… seems that you just pass a variable of ‘domain’ with the value: :wink:

Thanks guys!