InterWorx Hosting Control Panel version 4.3.0 released!

We are happy to announce the release of InterWorx Hosting Control Panel 4.3.0.

All InterWorx servers that have auto-updates enabled can and should receive this update over the next 24 hours.

This release is choc full of goodies! Big improvements in clustering tops the list, but there are lots of other things too. Check out the Change Log below!

version 4.3.0 build 290 (2010-03-30)

  • The "iworx.log" is now broken down into iworx.log, cron.log, and api.log, all in the same location, /usr/local/interworx/var/log
  • Many Clustering Improvements [LIST]
  • Server configuration actions can now be cascaded to all nodes in a cluster by choosing the "Cascade to all nodes" option.
  • Auto-detection of failure of load balanced services, with auto-removal of that server from the load balancing policies.
  • Load balancing configuration now allows advanced policy setups, including choosing which cluster nodes are included in which service policies.
  • NodeWorx Loadbalancer page now auto-updates providing close to real-time load balancer policy status.
  • New "Node Status" page in NodeWorx provides status of actions cascaded to cluster nodes.
  • Adding and deleting cluster nodes with larger number of IP addresses now much faster.
  • Improved attempts to repair problems with clustering NFS mounts.
  • Multiple SiteWorx users on a single account can now login to PHPMyAdmin at the same time.
  • Domainkeys configuration now backed up and restored.
  • E-mail local delivery setting now backed up and restored.
  • Added an option to cascade the local e-mail delivery across all domains on the SiteWorx account.
  • Added the ability to remove webmail programs via NodeWorx→Settings.
  • Added pagination to the NodeWorx Mail Queue page.
  • Added pagination to the NodeWorx IP Management page.
  • Added pagination to the MySQL users page.
  • Added pagination to the MySQL databases page.
  • Added ability to disconnect active FTP sessions from SiteWorx.
  • Added an option to automatically make domains send mail from the IP address they are assigned to, rather than the main interface IP. See: Sender IP configuration in NodeWorx→Settings.
  • Added the ability to specify a "default" MySQL server when adding SiteWorx accounts or resellers.
  • Added a plugin that will disable local e-mail delivery for a domain when the SiteWorx account is created.
  • Added an option to create a database user when creating a database in SiteWorx.
  • Made it possible to execute SiteWorx level API calls with a NodeWorx API Key + a domain.
  • Added the option to download the entire log file you're viewing in both NodeWorx and SiteWorx Log Viewer.
  • Added an option to configure the main (port 25) SMTP server to not accept TLS connections (in NodeWorx→System Services→MTA Settings
  • Many API additions and changes, see API changelog for details. [/LIST] [B]API Changes[/B]
    • Added 98 actions
    • Deprecated 3 actions
    • See the API ChangeLog for details.
    [B]Bug fixes[/B]
    • Fixed a typo on the SiteWorx FTP Add form
    • Fixed an error displaying the available disk space on the cluster setup page.
    • Fixed a problem where the FTP backup transfer would fail to detect successful login with certain FTP Banner contents.
    • Fixed a problem backing up sites where a single sql file was greater than 2 GB
    • Fixed the occasional extra newline in certain error messages.
    • Improved the error message that occurred when an account import was attempted without any default nameservers being set.
    • Fixed a problem with some directories being backed up that shouldn't have been, in partial backups.
    • Fixed a problem creating backups with primary storage device is a NAS.
    • Fixed an occasional problem with yum updates being reported twice.
    • Fixed permissions problems with the softaculous plugin.
    • Fixed a problem with the softaculous plugin's user listing.
    • Fixed a problem where the domainkeys signing component would sometimes not enable.
    • Improved the error message that happens when a partial backup restore is attempted without the base account on the server.
    • Fixed a problem adding some domainkeys records via the NodeWorx DNS interface.
    • Fixed the NodeWorx Mail Queue page failing when the mail queue contains many thousands of messages.
    • Fixed a problem with importing horde user address books.
    • Improved error reporting when adding an DNS record fails.
    • Fixed an error that would appear for a few minutes on the load balancer graph the first time load balancing was enabled.
    • Fixed a problem parsing new yum update output.
    • Fixed a problem cascading SSL cert installations to all nodes in a cluster.
    • Added "unzip" as an RPM dependency for interworx since the theme uploader utilizes it.
  • Is this the work around to fix qmail from locking up? If so it should be set to not accept TLS correct?

    Yep. We suspect it’s some new SPAM botnet misbehaving, but it’s pretty much impossible to prove, and even harder to prevent.

    [edit]I meant hard to prevent without this new setting :)[/edit]

    notice the build changes now at 4.3.0-294
    any chance of a change log now and then, just out of interest
    thank you

    Hi Gary,

    The offical changelog is at and it’s got what you’re looking for :slight_smile:


    ahh yes don’t look at the home page that often
    thank you

    How do I manually upgrade from v3.0.4 VPS on CentOS 5.2?

    I’ve been away for awhile…

    yum update interworx-*

    At this point, though, since it hasn’t happened automatically, I’d suggest opening a support ticket. Something may be blocking the update from applying.

    Thanks, Tim. I had turned off auto-updates before 4.0 came out because I wanted to do a manual update back then but I got sidetracked. I’ll try the update later today and see how it goes.