InterWorx Hosting Control Panel version 4.4.0 released!

We are happy to announce the release of InterWorx Hosting Control Panel 4.4.0.

All InterWorx servers that have auto-updates enabled can and should receive this update over the next 24 hours. The full changelog as always is located at and this version’s changes are duplicated here.

version 4.4.0 build 303 (2010-06-07)

  • Server-level SSL Certificate interface added. [LIST]
  • Server admins can now easily view, edit, and create new SSL certificates for use with InterWorx's Webserver, Apache's default 'server wide' SSL certificate, FTP's SSL certificate, POP3-SSL, IMAP-SSL, and SMTP-TLS.
  • Notification system
    • NodeWorx users will now occasionally receive notifications when logging into the control panel, and/or via e-mail. For example, when InterWorx is upgraded. The notification system will also be combined with the next new feature, the System Health and problem detection system.
  • System Health and problem detection added to NodeWorx.
    • InterWorx will now attempt to detect, and when possible, fix certain problems as they occur on server. By default, NodeWorx User accounts on the Master nodeworx account will receive notifications of these problems via e-mail, and via InterWorx Banner notification (displayed at the top of the control panel when logged in).
    • The following problem detectors are currently available: [LIST]
    • Server level SSL certificates approaching expiration.
    • Server level SSL certificates have expired.
    • Cluster command queue has stopped.
    • The InterWorx 'fively' cron job has stopped or is stuck.
    • Server load is too high.
    • InterWorx upgrades are available, but have not been applied.
    • InterWorx License is expired or expiring.
    • Mail queue has grown too large.
    • InterWorx is installed in the wrong location.
    • A disk partition is 100% full.
    • A disk partition is above the set threshold.
    • Secure IMAP is disabled (must be enabled for webmail)
    • Swap file usage is too high.
    • System and/or InterWorx updates (via yum) are failing.
  • Authoritative DNS Server now listens on both UDP and TCP for every IP the DNS Server is configured on, no extra steps required.
  • Added extra branding options, made the strings siteworx, nodeworx, and interworx replaceable via theme variables.
  • Update to the login page templates so they include footer.tpl, improving branding capability
  • Fixed a problem with creation of SRV Dns Records, added supported for NAPTR and AAAA Dns Records. [/LIST]

    API Changes

    • Added 6 actions [LIST]
    • /nodeworx/health : listHealthStatus
    • /nodeworx/health : editRecipients
    • /nodeworx/health : edit
    • /nodeworx/ssl : edit
    • /nodeworx/ssl : updateall
    • /nodeworx/ssl : generate

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a bug triggered by not including the csstest.html file in uploaded custom themes.
    • Fixed a bug triggered by manual deletion of the ~iworx/etc/skel/index.html file.
    • Command line restore would report domainkeys were not successfully imported, even when they were.
    • Fixed broken Analog stats graph images were SiteWorx.
    • Fixed a problem editing an account's IP address via the CLI.
    • Fixed a bug where deletion of a siteworx account would sometimes leave remnants behind.
    • Fixed a bug that would in some circumstances delete user files when a partial database restore was performed.
    • Fixed a bug with the SiteWorx account creation date being overwritten when it was edited.
    • SiteWorx account suspend and unsuspend were failing when replayed on the cluster nodes.
    • Fixed a problem where failed account additions on a cluster node would fail in such a way that the command queue would need manual intervention.
    • Fixed a race condition that was sometimes hit in clusters when two or more SiteWorx accounts were added at the same time.
    • Fixed a problem with ldirectord's cluster config sometimes recording weights incorrectly.


  • very nice upgrade
    thanks guys

    Very nivec upgrade ! Manage SSL certificate for server is very good idea !

    Nice, real Nice! And especially like the ability to manage server SSL Certificate, makes my world a little easier.

    The system health notification system is sweet. We have more than one server though, and the server name in the email is not very helpful. Is there a way to change the server name used there (or a way to rename the server)?

    It uses the system hostname. You can change those as the root user.

    Issue the command


    Which will change it for the current session only. To make it permanent, you need to edit


    and change the HOSTNAME parameter.


    The new SSL Certificate area is very handy, as is the system health area :slight_smile:

    Great work guys :smiley: