InterWorx Hosting Control Panel version 4.6.0 released!

We are happy to announce the release of the InterWorx Hosting Control Panel version 4.6.0!

All InterWorx servers that have auto-updates enabled should have already recieved this update. We encourage all servers to update to the latest version for the latest features and bug fixes. The full changelog as always is located at and this version’s changes are duplicated here.

  • [B]New[/B] Interworx Theme '[I][U]Blue Steel[/U][/I]' added.
  • [B]New[/B] Interworx Theme '[U][I]Calliope[/I][/U]' added.
  • [B]New[/B] Interworx CLI tutorial available at
  • Added the ability to toggle 'testing mode' and the 'signing policy' settings for domainkeys configuration in siteworx.
  • Added an option on the nodeworx mail queue page to process the mail queue manually.
  • Theme and Language addition now automatically cascades to nodes in a cluster.
  • CPU utilization graph in nodeworx now supports up to [U]16 cores[/U].
  • Added graphs in nodeworx for secondary network devices.
  • Roundcube webmail upgraded to latest version.
  • Switched doctype to HTML5 Strict to better support mobile and modern browsers.
  • Siteworx CLI can now be accessed via root, with the combination of -u and --login_domain parameters.


  • The PHPMyAdmin links in nodeworx and siteworx will new open in a new window. In Nodeworx, if there is only 1 database the master user can login to, the database server choosing page is bypassed.
  • Enabling the SimpleScripts plugin for a siteworx account now requires that CGI also be enabled.
  • Added quickhelp entries to the firewall configuration page.
  • Added 11 actions: [LIST]
  • /nodeworx/users : list
  • /nodeworx/users : listEditable
  • /nodeworx/users : listDeletable
  • /nodeworx/lang : syncLanguage
  • /nodeworx/themes : syncTheme
  • /nodeworx/mail/queue : process
  • /siteworx/users : list
  • /siteworx/users : listDeletable
  • /siteworx/email/domainkeys : edit
  • /siteworx/email/domainkeys : view
  • /siteworx/users : listEditable
  • /nodeworx/users 'add' and 'edit' changed from using 'id=#' to identify a user, to using 'user=email@domain'. This change breaks backward compatibility for these actions. [/LIST] [INDENT] [U][B]BUG FIXES[/B][/U][/INDENT]
    • Fixed a bug in the generation of domainkeys policies in siteworx.
    • Fixed a display problem in the siteworx common tasks menu.
    • Fixed an issue displaying multi-node recent-visitor logs in clusters in siteworx.
    • Fixed a bug with displaying the bandwidth percentage used in notification e-mails.
    • Fixed a bug with adding a subdomain when a file of that subdomain's prefix already exists in the docroot.
    • Fixed a bug that would make plugins menu items not appear in a rare condition.
    • Fixed a bug with cleanup of a cluster node when a node is un-clustered.
    • Fixed a bug with not recognizing internal ips with a certain format.
    • Fixed a problem where the apache config read/writer would choke with custom additions of multiple ips to a vhost.
    • Misc improvements and fixes to the Plesk9 importer.
    • Nodeworx Quick Search bar now includes secondary, pointer, and subdomains in the login/edit options.
    • Fixed a problem with importing uploaded backups when the system temp directory is modified.

    We hope you enjoy this new version. Feel free to give us your feedback!