InterWorx Hosting Control Panel Version 4.7.0 Released Today

Today we have released the 4.7.0 update for the InterWorx Hosting Control Panel.

All InterWorx servers that have auto-updates enabled should recieve this update in the next 24 hours. We encourage all servers to update to the latest version for the latest features and bug fixes. The full changelog as always is located at and this version’s changes are duplicated here.


  • Advanced Unicode domain support. Interface displays punycode (xn--*) domain version along with Unicode version. Domains can be specified in either Unicode or punycode.
  • Added pagination defaults to nodeworx settings page.
  • Added a new directory chooser interface when adding / editing ftp accounts.
  • Horde webmail identities will now be included in backups and will be restored if present.
  • Added notification subscription configuration section for nodeworx and siteworx users.
  • Added "Default Sender" and "Default Sender Name" to the nodeworx settings page's mail options. These are values to use when notifications are e-mailed to users.
  • Added uid and gid to querySiteworxAccounts API action.
  • E-mail box quotas are now checked prior to message acceptance at the smtp level.
  • System graph titles are now translatable.
  • Added a problem detector which ensures proftpd can properly connect to the database backend.
  • Added an option to suspend (and unsuspend) a dns zone.
  • Dns zones listing is now paginated.


  • Fixed a problem with phpMyAdmin failing to load in cases where HTTP_REFERER was not set.
  • Allow + in e-mail address for siteworx and nodeworx users.
  • E-mail box disk space reporting now reporting correct sizes.
  • Fixed a problem importing ftp accounts with structure-only backups.
  • Improved error reporting in certain cases when adding a remote mysql server.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when importing backups that used a remote mysql server.
  • Significantly improved quick search bar performance on servers with thousands of domains.
  • Disabling and enabling local mail delivery for a domain now cascades to pointer domains.
  • Editing a mysql server nickname now works as expected.
  • Patched suphp to make php scripts run as the correct user.
  • Changed the secondary domain selector interface slightly in siteworx.
  • Moved architecture specific binaries into new interworx-bin RPM.


  • Many RPMS which are required for Interworx to function are updated as of this release to prevent accidental removal. These RPMS include: apf, clamav, daemontools, djbdns, httpd, httpd-iworx, interworx-bin, interworx, jailkit, libdomainkeys, maildrop, mysql-iworx, php-iworx, proftpd, qmail, simscan, spamassassin, suphp-iworx, ucspi-tcp, and vpopmail