InterWorx Hosting Control Panel version 4.7.2 is live!

Today we have released the 4.7.2 update for the InterWorx Hosting Control Panel.

All InterWorx servers that have auto-updates enabled should recieve this update in the next 24 hours. We encourage all servers to update to the latest version for the latest features and bug fixes. The full changelog as always is located at and this version’s changes are duplicated here.


  • Added Hungarian and German translations.
  • The automatic backup of the internal interworx database now includes mail, ftp, and webmail databases.
  • When adding a node to a cluster, that node will no longer automatically get added to the existing load balancing policies. The admin should choose what policies the new node should and should not be a part of after the node is added to the cluster.
  • Fixed the e-mail password changing plugin for Squirrelmail webmail.
  • Fixed an issue where interworx would fail to detect that clamav, spamassassin, and a few other services were running, when the OS was installed using certain languages.
  • Fixed a minor issue with the cPanel importer locating the DNS settings.
  • Fixed a bug with siteworx account creation, triggered by two or more accounts being created simultaneously.
  • Fixed a bug triggered when adding a DNS record failed for any reason.
  • Fixed a problem with importing accounts with secondary domains into clusters.
  • Fixed a bug accessing the "Add an FTP account" control via the siteworx quick menu.
  • Fixed the start/stop controls of the secure pop3 and secure imap services.
  • Fixed a bug where the old vhost_conf ?SSI? template variable would, in rare cases, not be removed on account creation.
  • Fixed a bug in the cluster command queue where it would fail to start if for some reason the pid file was empty.
  • Missing themes now sync to a new cluster node after node activation.
  • Account importing now selects the default MySQL server if none is explicitly selected.
  • Nodes added in a cluster now have the same mail local-delivery settings as the cluster manager.
  • Fixed an issue where cluster nodes would sometimes not boot with the VIPs bound to the loopback interfaces.
  • Improved support for Litespeed webserver bandwidth tracking.
  • Horde "Fetchmail" feature re-enabled after accidental removal in a prior update.
  • Fixed a 404 redirect issue when creating new calendars in horde/kronolith.
  • Non-root CLI siteworx users can now use the --login_domain option to specify a secondary domain to use.
  • Fixed a problem with downloading (via siteworx) backup files larger than 2GB on 32bit systems.
  • Fixed a problem with web logs being deleted being deleted on cluster nodes when a corrupted siteworx account got deleted.
  • Made it possible to unsetup an interworx cluster manager as long as there are no cluster nodes installed.

When will InterWorx be including PHP v5.3 as part of the build? I have a prospect asking for it, and I tried running a WordPress plugin the other day that required 5.3.

Have you tried installing the version from the unsupport iworx repo?

I think there’s been a discussion on here recently about using the php53…

Iworx uses the underlying OS version builds, so probably not going to see it. I did the update EverythingWeb suggested and it worked great.

Thanks for the help folks. It’s just one client, but at this stage every new client is crucial.