Interworx Import Account Mass Transfer (Grayed out)

I am having some issues importing from my old VPS to my new one,

I can log in to the old server from the new one with the Mass Account Transfer and view all of my domains but when try and click the check boxes they are all is grayed out and when I mouse over the I get a red disabled symbol.

Also the check all button doesn’t work either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi roggle

Welcome to IW forums

What IW versions are you using and what are your distros on each server

Also, I believe mass transfer requires root access on ssh be enabled, but could be wrong sorry

Lastly, could you confirm that your IP is set to shared, not static in IW and your quotas are set correctly for your vps

Many thanks


Thanks for you help John

The issue was i had dedicated instead of shared.