Interworx in Docker

Hi all,

is anybody running Interworx in a Docker container successfully in production? As part of server restructuring we would like to move Interworx to a virtual machine and Docker being OS-level virtualization is of course the preferred solution. Are there any major obstacles or is it as smooth a ride as it might look on the first glance?

Without trying first I would guess the most complicated part of the problem is choosing the optimal way to map public IP addresses to the container. Docker allows to map the whole network stack but that is the least preferable solution because that way the container has access to all the interfaces. Simplest solution would be to manually map all necessary ports on every IP address but that is not very elegant. Perhaps something like Pipework with its small overhead is the most elegant solution?


Hi Muad
I do not belive any users have tried to install IW into docker.
It may well install though, as docker is available for Centos 6/7, but as it is virtualised container, be aware of the correct license type I guess
If you do try to install into docker, appreciate an update of your experience, if you have time and are able to
Many thanks