Interworx in EC2?

Any issue if i am installing Interworx to AWS EC2? :o


I’m sorry I’ve no experience of that but please review the docs, which should work as long as the os is correct.

If you need a quicker answer though, you may be better to open a support ticket or send an email, unless a user on this list knows, but you may have to be patient.

Many thanks


The only issue you’ll run into is that a regular EC2 instance will change it’s local IP address each time the instance is stopped, and then restarted.

It’s best to set-up a VPC within AWS and launch your instances there. This way you keep your local IP, as well as any Elastic IPs you’ve assigned to the instance, after stopping the instance.

More info on VPC is here:

There are some issues with EC2, particularly with IP’s and clustering. Basically, amazon’s IP issuing can cause problems with our licensing system, and there are lots of issues with intra-cluster communication.

That being said, we do have some users who’ve successfully gotten InterWorx running on EC2. However, it’s not an officially supported configuration at present, so our support team won’t be able to help :frowning: