Interworx Login Timeout

Is there a setting somewhere to disable to extend the length of the interworx timeout? I am constantly going back and forth between tickets and getting logged out every 5-10 minutes is SUPER ANNOYING.

Hi Marco114

Do you mean nodeworx/siteworx or interworx ticket from website

If nodeworx/siteworx, I think it would be a setting in iworx.ini but would need to check later this week or you could open a support ticket with IW

Many thanks


i think i found it in the iworx.ini file, there was several timeouts, I am not sure which one did it. if you know, that would be great. I was talking about me responding to tickets in our system and going back and forth between interworx servers and getting logged out all the time from the GUI.


This is the section in ~iworx/iworx.ini that you will want to change:


You can extend the idle_timeout to however long you’d like. It is listed in seconds.

InterWorx Support Manager