Interworx Mail is not responding, status only "to be delivered"

Hello again, it seems my mail able to receive mails but when it come to sending the mail queue is not responding at all. in my email, I able to send email from interworx webmail (Roundcube)! and I also try this with my other domain, also send succesfully but didnt appear at my receiver email.

But in my email is not even appearing both inbox and spam!

And when I try to debug this by reading the mail header, it didnt able to read anything only mention Delay information: 0 second

Also I had disable the bouncing message, and here’s my SPF, DKIM, DMARC records:

And yes my mail server is using the interworx mail the

Here’s the screenshot of mail queue, everything just “to be delivered”.

I even try to test send message on it, and it also the same. Test send succesfull, But my email didnt receive anything even nothing at the spam.

I was wondering perhaps there’s some bug at interworx mail system? I want to thank for your time and support as always…

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I would think it is unlikely a bug

I would first check the mail logs nodeworx server logs email and check smtp log

I suspect gmail have rate limited you due to volume and or email rate but could be wrong sorry but the log would detail the exact reason

I would also restart the mail service using your nodeworx login

I hope that helps a little

Many thanks


I concur with John. Your answer is almost certainly in the send logs at /var/log/send/current. It will tell you what is happening the email and why it is not going out. If you don’t see any movement with that log, just press the “Process Queue” button on the Mail Queue page and it should retry all of the messages currently waiting.

I forgot to mention about it… actually I did press the “Process mail queue” as well,but still did nothing.

And where can I see my smtp log? And how can get to the /var/log/send/current

Whats this? After I restart my SMTP, in my mail queue both mail say the same thing.


It is letting you know that you are not authenticated to send email according to your dmarc and spf settings

On your dmarc settings could you change strict to relax and then you have to wait for dns TTL to update

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Sorry after zooming in on picture it shows as dkim and not dmarc

Do you have dmarc setup

Is the mail server FQDN records setup for spf and dkim and dmarc

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In order to access /var/log/send/current, you’ll need to use SSH to connect to your server via the root user and view the log in whatever text editor or tool you feel comfortable using at the command line.

Again, John is on the right track. Google has really cracked down on email delivery without valid SPF and DKIM records. If you don’t have them (or they are invalid), you’ll have trouble delivering mail to Gmail users. There are many tools online that can check your DKIM and SPF records for validity. The one I use most often is

I guess, the reverse dns need to set up,, and the the ns server should be in different locations, otherwise all the email are going to land in spam folder in the best case…

Look John, I only read the Interworx doc and only do what they say. I have been only using the SPF, DKIM, DMARC generator from siteworx itself.

Everything was based on INTERWORX doc

but for god sake, whatever I follow the doc, it stills lead me an error, or whatever it is I dont get what I wanted.

@iworx-brandon Urgh, so how do I use this SSH now… and I already been using that tool to check header, and its always the DKIM alignment fail

@bblori Sorry, I dont get what you mean…


From your screenshot, you are using Namecheap for DNS, not the InterWorx server. This adds an extra step to the process, as the DNS records in InterWorx are not being seen by the outside world.

You need to copy/paste the SPF and DKIM records that you created in SiteWorx to the Namecheap panel. I see from your screenshots that you did this for dmarc, and I do see a dkim record, however:

a) The message from google is not about dmarc
b) the dkim record is not correct. There are two records associated with dkim. Only one is listed in the screenshot you provided. You need to have both.
c) your screenshot also does not show an spf record. You need to create that in SiteWorx, as well, and copy/paste it, exactly to the Namecheap portal

All of your records-the spf, dkim, dmarc, etc, all need to match exactly what is shown in NodeWorx under System Services > DNS Server > Zones.

I’m going to use a personal domain of mine as an example for you, as, while I am hosting the domain on my personal InterWorx server, I am using an external DNS service.

This is what the zones page looks like for my domain in NodeWorx–I created an spf record and a dkim record in SiteWorx for the account, so those records match the server:

I then copy/pasted each of those three records, exactly, to my external DNS provider, including the exact host info:

After doing so, gmail accepted my messages without the errors you are receiving.

If, after you copy/paste the exact dkim and spf records that you create in SiteWorx, you are still getting that message sending to google, you need to contact Namecheap. InterWorx is not serving those DNS records, so there really isn’t anything we can do after you create them on the InterWorx server.

To access the server via SSH you need to have two things:

  • A terminal program, such as putty:
  • root access to the server. We cannot provide this access or information for you, as that is not something that is managed by InterWorx. Your server provider should be able to assist.

Here is some info I found for you via google on how to SSH into a server, though they may be better instructions out there to suit your needs: How to use SSH in Windows, macOS or Linux | Tom's Hardware

Bblori appears to be referring to PTR records–this is also something that google requires and would need to be set up in your namecheap portal, since you are not using the InterWorx server for DNS. Here is info about what a PTR record is: Types of DNS Records — InterWorx documentation


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