InterWorx new LVE Integration


Igor Seletskiy, CEO & Founder of CloudLinux says about Interworx LVE Integration UI:

This is OLD UI, which is slowly moving into the unsupported stage. The last I remember, there were a few issues with it :frowning: I was hoping InterWorx would implement integration with a new version :frowning:

Any plan to create new version of InterWorx LVE Integration UI?
I see on CloudLinux docs, they created detailed docs to create new LVE integration plugin to help control panel developer to integrate.

also, why Interworx dont sell Interworx bundled with Cloudlinux?

I see many control panel provider, sale their control panel bundled with CloudLinux to make their control panel more sale and more cloudlinux integration support.
Look they also sell CloudLinux to their customer:

I hope Interworx will follow like cPanel and DirectAdmin doing.

This is the answer for why Interworx and cloudlinux integration is very limited.

Hi khairil

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I’m sorry I do not use CL, but I have emailed IW with this thread

I do know there is a conflict between CL and IW over multiPHP, so there may well be other areas where there are conflicts. I could be entirely wrong though sorry, as I do not use CL

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Hey Khairil,

Thank you for your feedback! We do have a feature request for further Cloud Linux integration, but I don’t believe it’s under development. I’ve updated the request with this forum post and the documentation you provided.



I’m one more user who would love Interworx to support natively Cloudlinux(and Litespeed too).
Nodeworx is great, your support is outstanding if only you opened your gates to the Cloudlinux modernization.

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