InterWorx on "Thanks To" list

I know NEXCESS.NET sponsors a mirror ( and so appears in the “Thanks To” list of home page, and on all pages of (an image link on top-right and a text link on bottom-right)

I remember I asked the guys (in forum; which doesn’t exist now) if they could do it and soon after they became a mirror sponsor and appeared in the “Thanks To” list as well (I think Paul replied the thread at that time). I don’t know how well it helped the company for more reach.

If it works well, I suggest to have a link for InterWorx (along with the nexcess link if possible). Being a good panel, it definitely deserves a link. I don’t know iworx has gained some popularity over the years or not, but definitely it is not offered or mentioned with many of the hosts out there. (All they know is cpanel !)

Getting on the “Thanks To” list would help iworx reach more people? does indeed provide the mirror for - and they do indeed use interworx on it, which in itself is pretty cool, I think.
Since Interworx is itself a PHP based application, I think it makes sense :slight_smile:


A link directly on makes more sense than an indirect link. (and I can’t find a link to on nexcess home page; one has to go to “about us” page to know about iworx; you could have a “powerd by iworx” link at bottom on all pages) So, only people interested in becoming a nexcess customer would be aware of iworx. Still, a direct link on would make the same already known persons to think more about trying the iworx panel. (a direct link is like a recommendation from I guess)

Not just, iwrox could have a sponsored link on home page ( currently the sponsored link is "UK Dedicated Server Hosting " --> ) Or in the download mirror list.

IWorx needs more reach than nexcess I think.

Just my thoughts.

Still more of Nexcess than InterWorx?

Glat to see that you are now a sponsor for CentOS too. But it’s from Nexcess, not from InterWorx. Seems you are trying to have more reach with Nexcess and not for InterWorx; don’t know why?

I think it’s been more than 5 years since IWorx was started, still it has not made a good reach (not even to the extent of DirectAdmin?) May be offering a limited free edition (for low end vps) would do the trick?

You have also stopped forums at nexcess site and recently stopped maxvps too I guess. What is happening at Nexcess/IWorx?