InterWorx Partners w/ Softaculous For One-Click Installation Of Over 300 Applications

InterWorx, creator of the advanced server management application, has announced a partnership with Softaculous that will bring no-hassle installation of hundreds of software packages to InterWorx users.

InterWorx users will benefit from a free three-month trial of Softaculous Premium, which will be enabled by default on all new InterWorx installations, and includes one-click installation of over 300 scripts. Existing InterWorx users will be able to enable Softaculous integration from within the server management application.

“InterWorx and Softaculous were created to make the web hosting experience more intuitive, efficient, and productive,” said Paul Oehler, CTO of InterWorx, “By partnering with Softaculous, we offer InterWorx users and their clients a complete server and hosting management experience, increasing the user-friendliness of hosting and lowering support costs by streamlining application installation and management.”

The Softaculous Auto-Installer integration will enable the one-click installation, upgrading, and management of many of the web’s most popular applications, content management systems, and eCommerce platforms from within the InterWorx interface. The extensive Softaculous script library includes a curated collection of the best applications available across a diverse range of categories, and includes WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Magento, phpBB, SugarCRM, Bootstrap, and CodeIgniter among many others.

?Softaculous being the default auto installer for InterWorx will allow InterWorx users to install 300+ apps with ease. Softaculous manages the complete lifecycle of an application from installing to upgrading, backups and restore as well," said Pulkit Gupta, Softaculous founder and CEO.

The core mission of the InterWorx team is to build a modern server management platform that offers a cohesive and intuitive experience to web hosts, server administrators, and hosting resellers. Softaculous’ extensive library of web application management capabilities powerfully contributes to the company’s ongoing efforts to create a uniquely user-friendly server management application.


About InterWorx:

InterWorx LLC is the maker of the InterWorx web hosting and Linux server management system that provides tools for server admins to command their servers and for end users to oversee the operations of their website. For more information, visit

About Softaculous:

Softaculous was founded in 2009 with the goal of helping users to deploy apps by the click of a button. Softaculous is already being offered by leading Data Center?s and Web hosting companies around the world. It is very easy to find, deploy, manage and backup applications using Softaculous. One can also deploy apps in the office using Softaculous AMPPS. For more information, visit

This doesn’t seem to be working on new license installs guys?

Hi mike

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What error are you seeing

Is it xml error

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“InterWorx users will benefit from a free three-month trial of Softaculous Premium, which will be enabled by default on all new InterWorx installations”

That’s the part that’s having the problem, no error or anything to show…it’s just not enabling the premium license by default (new install of interworx shows free softaculous license instead of premium).

Hi staxed

Many thanks, I understand mikes post now thanks

I’ll send an email to make sure iw are aware, just in case.

My personal thought is you need to register, but reading the text, I would think I am wrong.

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Just an update, IW are looking into this.

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Hey Everyone,

We’re working with Softaculous to get the trial process automated, but for now you can obtain a free trial at the link below: