InterWorx Port to Debian-based Distros


From time to time, I’ve sorely wished that current commercial control panel options would support Debian-based distributions. There’s ISPConfig, VestaCP, Webmin with Usermin/Virtualmin for web-hosting needs…

What do they have in common? Support for RHEL-based distros and Debian-based distros.

It’s 2016. Such things should be a non-issue, these days. Additionally, if updated things’re a concern, just use the LTS branch if you’re going to go with Ubuntu Server Edition. Heck, you could control updates similar to what you guys do on RHEL-based servers.

What’s really stopping InterWorx from supporting Debian-based distros other than the initial porting requirements?

I’d personally love to use Debian-based distros over that of RHEL-based ones because I really dislike dealing with yum’s inability to detect dependency issues… though I think that’s less of an issue with CentOS 7, but I haven’t had an opportunity to install things like that to see if it’s still borkenated as it ever was on CentOS 6.x.

Also, why not have customers who’re eager to see such support become a reality enroll to test the platform? I know for one that I’d roll up a server JUST to help test and provide feedback.

Hi kerio

Many thanks but I think you should post this on the idea page to be voted on,

Many thanks


[QUOTE=d2d4j;28252]Hi kerio

Many thanks but I think you should post this on the idea page to be voted on,

Many thanks


I’m not looking to do that right now. I’d just like a response on why this was decided. I was wanting to know why, because of this link:

and specifically, this bit:

While the Pi is obviously underpowered and more or less capable of running InterWorx as long as the OS is RedSleeve or other CentOS-based distros on the Pi (there’s more than a few such distros now.)… that’s also not why I quoted that bit.

I just want to know what the difficulties would be. That’s really all I want to know. I’d be interested in knowing what InterWorx needs to get done in order to port the panel to Debian-based distros.

We like details, don’t we? I know I sure do when customers ask me for support. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi kerio

Many thanks, now I can see why you posted

I do not think you would receive a response on the forum to be honest.

This is because IW specifically state that no information is given over road maps or releases, due to business reasons.

If IW were an open source company, then I may think differently but IW is a commercial company

I myself would think though, it is a time issue for code rewrites verse the number of users who use Debian against those who use centos based distro

I also think you maybe in better position to know more about IW plans as your a reseller, but maybe contractually censored over disclosure

These are my personal thoughts so I could be entirely wrong, and apologise in advance

Many thanks