Interworx Questions + WHMCS Module Questions


I am curious about how to set up WHMCS packages with a dedicated IP. Is that an option to have it instantly set up with a dedicated IP or do I need to manually assign dedicated IPs?

I am also wondering if you can create a reseller package and regular package with the same name, if so how would you specify them in WHMCS?

Also, when you select Dedicated IP for resellers, does this mean any reseller can assign that IP to themselves or one of their customer’s servers? Should I use the same shared IP for my siteworx customers as they do for theirs, or should I set a shared IP for resellers as well?

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You raise a valid point

I need to check but previously on older IW you could set the IP address (shared or dedicated) but I’m not seeing that option on a server I’ve just looked at

It could be the server I looked at only has 1 IP address though, so will check later

A quick workaround would be to create additional IW servers in WHMCS and then assign using product group

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I’m not sure about the WHMCS side of things. Unfortunately, we don’t directly support WHMCS. WHMCS would be the best point of contact regarding their product. Technical Support | WHMCS

You can have a reseller and a regular package named the same thing. I do not know how WHMCS handles that on their end, though. Typically, the reseller would only access the server via their API Key or login, which would be the defining factor. Not sure if WHMCS does that or just uses the server admin’s credentials.

Whether to use the same shared IP as your resellers is probably based on how much you trust your resellers. If you share an IP address and one of their customers has a spam issue, you may end up with your customer’s IP address on a blacklist. On the other hand, IPs aren’t free, so it may be more cost-effective to lump things together.

I’m not sure if your question about dedicated IPs is related to InterWorx or WHMCS, but a Dedicated IP (as defined by InterWorx) is an IP address that can only have one SiteWorx account on it. If you would like an IP address that is “dedicated” to a reseller, you’d just use a Shared IP and only give that one reseller access to that IP address. The only time you’d give a reseller access to a Dedicated IP is if they needed to provide one of their SiteWorx accounts with an IP that only that account can use (and no one else).

The “Server Admin” reseller (you) will always have access to all IP addresses, but Resellers will only be allowed to use the IPs they’ve been assigned:

In the screenshot above, I’ve only shared one Dedicated IP with this user, so they can only have a max of one SiteWorx account. If they wanted to add another, they would have no available IPv4 addresses on which to set up that account on.

I hope that helps clear up the difference between Dedicated and Shared IP addresses from the InterWorx perspective. All that to say, the overwhelming majority of your IPs will likely be set up as “Shared” IPs in InterWorx.


I had a look now and in WHMCS, you goto setup, servers and add Interworx server(s) as you need

Each server setup is defined by IP address, so if you have 3 IP address, say 1 dedicated and 2 shared, you setup 3 servers on each IP address and from product, you add either all 3, or group the shared IP address Interworx servers and you tell the product module you setup on shared, group to either use until full or spread accross the group using least full first etc… These are defined by WHMCS and not IW

As Brandon states, a dedicated IP address can only host 1 website, so not sure why you would want do that

so you could have 1 IW server with 2 IP address set to shared, and then setup and group them in WHMCS and share the site between them. If 1 IP is blacklisted, the remaining on the other IP address are fine, and you can easily change the blacklisted IP address to the other IP address in IW whilst you clean your blacklisted IP address

We use API for WHMCS to IW but could use login credentials instead of API

Many thanks