Interworx Roadmap

I was just curious if there was a public roadmap for interworx?

For obvious reasons we don’t have a public roadmap available. I can tell you what we’ve been saying will be in the next release which will give you an idea of some of the features we’ll be working on.

InterWorx-CP will add a clustering / load balancing solution in the next version. I won’t give many more details other than to say that it will be unique in the industry.

We’ll also be honing the current interface to provide a more feature-complete package. If you have specific questions feel free to ask and we’ll answer to the best of our ability.



Very cool looking forward to it. Some thoughts/suggestions/features I would like to pass along. :slight_smile:

User Defined Apache Handlers in Siteworx
mod_perl toggle in Nodeworx
mod_suphp toggle in Nodeworx
Mambo added to Scriptworx

DNS Clustering (example: interworx servers sync to ns1, ns2 etc etc)


All the things you mentioned are on the list. We’re going to focus on making many more toggable options available for each SiteWorx account (some of which are in your list). We’re going to tackle the DNS system as well this year and make it “right”. We pay very close attention to the input on the forums and I’m sure that’s why our list and yours overlap :).


Great looking forward to it. One last thing :slight_smile: Is it possible to break up user accounts on two seperate drives or possibly put all new customers on lets say /home2?

Currently no. You can move accounts to different partitions as long as there are symlinks from /home/<user> to the new spot and this is the best solution for now.