Interworx support for alternative RHEL forks?

With Centos 8 support cancelled by Redhat will interworx be looking to support alternative fork of RHEL ?
Noticed a few now appearing, one looks promising announced by CloudLinux - AlmaLinux

I am using Centos 6 and looking for an alternative but want to stay with interworx as in my opinion its one of the best. Just a bit limited at the moment or appears that way.
May be a member of Interworx could chime in on where the future lays or what else works will interworx.
Have a good day


AlmaLinux support is on the roadmap for 2021. I do not have an ETA, though, just “within 2021” as a goal. The decision was only relatively recently made–we were working with our parent company to decide on the best solution.

As a note–we will be supporting EL7 until at least 2024, when it goes EOL, if not for a while after. So if you want to update your servers to CentOS 7, since 6 has been EOL for a while, now, it will be several years before it is no longer supported.

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Thanks for your reply Jenna

Thought it was worth an ask so i can plan which direction to go in, originally going to update to Centos 8 but that’s not going to happen now.
i am using Cloudlinux Extended with the Centos 6 server for added security so that gives me time but will have to migrate to a more up to date server. Would much prefer to go with one of the most up to date forks of RHEL so may wait and see how things progress.



I’m curious if there are plans for other distros, such as RockyLinux?


Not at this time, no. Just AlmaLinux, as far as I am aware.


We will likely only be running our automated testing on Almalinux. But your typical rhel8 fork will have very few differences between them and we will actively avoid using any Almalinux exclusive features. I’d expect minimal issues when using other rhel8 forks like Rockylinux.

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Hi all
Just checking
is AlmaLinux support still on the roadmap ? will it be completed this year ?
still on centos 6 but looking to upgrade server to latest fork of RHEL, don’t really want to go to centos7

On another note:
the interworx v6 to v7 upgrade tool is that any closer to coming out of beta so i can upgrade to v7

Have a good day
Thank you


Almalinux is still on the roadmap, and support is in early development, but I do not have an ETA. I don’t think it will be completed in 2021, especially as development usually slows down during the holidays.

We are still recommending that customers upgrade to CentOS 7 in the meantime, since it will not go EOL for a few years and CentOS 6 is quickly becoming defunct, since it’s been almost a year since it went EOL. :frowning:

The IW6 > IW7 upgrade tool is in its final stages. Technically it can be used at this time, however, the only version of IW7 that you could upgrade to right now is what is in the Beta channel, which may not be advisable depending on your server and needs. When the other IW7 release channels are added (which should be soon), we will make an official announcement and the documentation on how to do the upgrade (and other important considerations before doing the upgrade) will be published. So we do still advise waiting, at this time.

development usually slows down during the holidays
Packing up for Christmas already, gets earlier each year :rofl: only joking :grinning:

Just thought i would check on how far Almalinux development has got before i decide in which direction to go updating server.

Thank you for your prompt reply :grinning:

When we get far enough along, we will take a look at AlmaLinux OS - ELevate Your Distribution. If it looks like centos 7 to AlmaLinux upgrades using this tool are practical, we will see if we can somehow integrate or do something similar for the InterWorx RPMs. Being able to practically do a Major OS version upgrade on a production Web server has been a holy grail for a long time. So worth a look.

That sounds really good, bet there would be a lot of interest
thank you


That would be good but maybe show a warning over use at own risk and ensure backups have been made

I remember Microsoft Window 7 to 8 to 10 upgrade - some went well and some borked badly

Many thanks