InterWorx v4.8.0 Build 393 through 400: phpMyAdmin Broken Link

Since we were upgraded to InterWorx v4.8.0 (Builds 393-400 tested), the phpMyAdmin link from NodeWorx and SiteWorx fails with:

? 404 - Sorry, we cannot find what you were looking for!
? Unknown Controller: ‘Ctrl_Nodeworx_Phpmyadmin’

Is this a known problem?

I just tired and it worked for me.

Are you using Firefox? Could this be related to this issue?

It doesn’t work for me in Chrome either. I don’t think I have the same issue you are having.

When I look in /home/interworx/var/log/iworx.log, I see this error:

2011-08-04T11:21:45-04:00 [INFO] /siteworx/phpmyadmin : (WEB) {IP} routing: Ctrl_Siteworx_Error -> notFoundError

I just noticed another one of our servers has this problem. In fact, the only InterWorx box we have that doesn’t have the problem is running CentOS 4. All of our CentOS 5 boxes have the problem.

my centos 5 box is ok

This problem shouldn’t last more than 5 minutes after upgrade. If it does, try restarting the iworx service:

service iworx restart

if it still happens, please open a support ticket so we can see why it’s not working as expected.


That didn’t fix it. We also just got this error while trying to create a new customer account:

[EMERG] /xhr.php : ERROR: /usr/local/interworx/include/FrontController.php(147): Uncaught IWorx_Exception_InvalidRoute: Unknown Controller: 'Ctrl_Nodeworx_Siteworx.php'

I’m going to open a ticket now.

If anyone else is having this issue, make sure that you are non excluding httpd* in your yum configuration. If you are, try disabling the exclusion and running:

yum update httpd-iworx

and try to see if that corrects the problem.