InterWorx Version 1.6.2 Released

If you have InterWorx updates enabled on your servers (the default) the update will happen automatically over the next 24 hours. If don’t want to wait you can get the update via the “Updates” tab in NodeWorx.

This is another bug fix release. Two bugs regarding e-mail were fixed.

The first one causes a stack trace when listing e-mail groups when there are no vacation messages or autoresponders enabled. This update fixes that bug.

The second bug appears when you create an autoresponder, delete it, and then try to create an e-mail box with the same name. This bug fixes that. If you’re receiving the “Error: User’s directory already exists?” error when trying to create an e-mail account, create an autoresponder with that name, and then delete it. This should allow the e-mail to be created successfully.

Special thanks to Chris Short, and forums member “oldunis” for finding and reporting these bugs to us!