InterWorx version 4.9.0 released!

The latest version of the InterWorx control panel includes native support for International Domain Name Top-Level Domains, secure password generation, insecure password detection tools, and a number of other improvements and bug fixes.

We are happy to announce the release of the InterWorx Hosting Control Panel version 4.9.0!
All InterWorx servers that have auto-updates enabled will have this update applied over the next 24 hours. We encourage all users to update their servers the latest version for the latest features and bug fixes. The full changelog as always is located at and this version’s changes are duplicated here.


  • Expanded IDN (International Domain Name) support to TLD (Top Level Domains).
  • Scheduled backups in Siteworx can now be disabled server-wide via the Nodeworx->Settings page.
  • New powerful command line scripts for analyzing qmail log files (a future update will integrate these into the gui).
  • Added SFTP configuration settings in Nodeworx->System Services->FTP Server - defaults to on, port 24. FTPS also still available.
  • New "Generate Password" button by all password inputs will generate a secure password on demand.
  • Insecure password detector command line script will check accounts on the server for bad (common) passwords, and variations: See: ~iworx/bin/checkpasswords.pex --help
  • Added details to the Nodeworx SSL Expired and SSL Nearly Expired notification message.
  • Interworx will now re-generate the /etc/httpd/conf.d/namevirtualhost.conf file if it goes missing.
  • Can now view domain transfer.log files and error.log files of cluster nodes in Siteworx->Administration->Logs.
  • Added API method Ctrl_Nodeworx_Siteworx::queryDomainInfo, which will return the type of domain, and parent domain (if present). Can be used to determine if a domain is present on the server at all as well.
  • Added API methods to simplify querying siteworx and reseller account bandwidth history: Ctrl_Nodeworx_Siteworx::queryAccountBandwidth and Ctrl_Nodeworx_Reseller::queryResellerBandwidth.
  • Added backup.pex command line option no-mail-content to create full siteworx backups, but exclude email messages from the backup. Usage example: ~iworx/bin/backup.pex --backup-options all no-mail-content
  • Many improvements made to the direct-admin control panel importer. Now imports secondary domains, among other fixes.
[b][I]Other Changes[/I][/b]
  • Popup-forms now auto-select the first selectable input in the form.
  • Modified the display of "bytes" data on the Nodeworx->System Services->Mail Server->MTA Settings to make it more user friendly.
  • Added the "ID" column back to the Reseller listing page.
  • Lists of information with checkboxes now highlight selected rows.
  • Interworx init script runs license sync at startup to help sync system clocks on servers with dead bios battery.
  • phpMyAdmin upgraded to latest in 2.x series
  • API Keys are now easily selectable with a single click, for easy cut/paste access.
  • Initial license activation (goiworx.pex) now runs the first "fively" cron job, to immediately initialize various components.
  • Collapsing of form groups now requires only a single click of the open-close icon.
  • Errors generated from the CLI are now printed to stderr rather than stdout.
[B][I]Bug Fixes[/I][/B]
  • Fixed a problem editing users in Siteworx when multiple accounts had the same e-mail address for a user.
  • Fixed r1soft plugin icon not showing up in Siteworx.
  • Fixed disabling of line-by-line ajax form validation in Nodeworx->Settings page.
  • Updating IMAP and POP3 settings no longer forces the corresponding servers to start if they were previously shutdown.
  • Corrected "unlimited" value settings for the FTP service in Nodeworx->System Services->FTP Server.
  • Choosing "restore backup" in Siteworx when there were no partial backups to restore would result in an ugly error message. This has been fixed.
  • Removed unneeded checkboxes from the Nodeworx->Languages listing page.
  • Fixed users getting logged sometimes when trying to view various system graphs in Nodeworx.
  • Fixed deleting a SiteWorx account when that account's UID is below the UID_MIN specification in /etc/login.defs (this would only happen if the login.defs file was manually changed after one or more Siteworx accounts were added).
  • Removed extraneous error output from the iworx start/stop script.
  • Fixed editing of A records for secondary domains in Siteworx.
  • Interworx now makes sure that the permissions and ownership of the /var/qmail/control/senderip file do get incorrectly modified.
  • Fixed adding of extra empty lines to the apache virtualhost configurations.
  • Fixed restoring large backup files via the web interface on 32bit systems.
  • Fixed a problem importing cpanel addon, pointer, and subdomains from cpanel backups.
  • iworxdb_tuneup.pex script now does explicit "repair table" on internal Interworx tables that need it.
  • Form group header-alignment fixed.
  • Made sure use of mysqlcheck and mysqldump use proper config file.
  • Fixed an issue with display Siteworx accounts when an account was moved from one reseller to another, with certain bandwidth characteristics.
  • Fixed an issue with mounting NFS shares on redhat/centos 6 OS ("k" for kilobyte shortcut no longer supported in mount command).
  • Fixed error message displayed when FTP account add/edit form cannot validate the FTP homedir selection.
  • Fixed an issue with scheduled backup cron jobs appearing on cluster nodes rather than the cluster manager.
  • Fixed API method DnsZone::listZones, no longer requires reseller input.
  • Fixed an issue with the log-view window resizing in Nodeworx and Siteworx.
  • Made DNS TXT records not split at 127 characters to combat incorrect DKIM implementations.
  • Fixed unsubscribing from Siteworx notices.
  • Remote Assistance enable/disable scripts modified to better handle partially-enabled support user.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a remote MySQL database to become inaccessible via Siteworx's phpMyAdmin install.
  • Success/Failure message banners were not closeable if more than 1 appeared on a given page before a page reload.
  • Success/Failure message banners were not closeable if more than 1 appeared on a given page before a page reload.
  • Clustering command queue could get stuck if a Siteworx account was suspended, enabled, and deleted while a node was offline.
  • Cluster node-add "test" mode now verifies OS version, architecture, and that there will be now uid/gid collisions during the node add procedure.
  • Suppress extraneous output when commands are killed due to timeout, and added timeout's to certain commands that will sometimes hang, causing more problems, during some error conditions. For example, a NFS partition temporarily being unavailable.
  • Fixed a problem with Siteworx imports failing to re-create "extra" DNS records.
  • Fixed a bug with the domain promoter script that caused incorrect storage reporting for a period after the promotion.
  • Fixed a problem viewing resellers past bandwidth usage data.
[B][I]API Changes[/I][/B]
  • Added action: /nodeworx/siteworx : queryDomainInfo
  • Added action: /nodeworx/ftp : sftpOptions
  • Added action: /nodeworx/siteworx : queryAccountBandwidth
  • Added action: /nodeworx/reseller : queryResellerBandwidth
  • Added action: /nodeworx/reseller/bandwidthhistory : queryBandwidthDetails
[B][I]Package Changes[/I][/B]
  • proftpd: Upgraded to version 1.3.3f, and /var/log/ftp-tlslog is now rotated.
  • vpopmail: Upgraded to version 5.4.32, increasing maximum password length significantly.
  • djbdns: Modified TXT records to not split at 127 characters
  • php-iworx: Upgraded to php 5.3.8 (for Interworx internal use only)
  • qmail: Improved error message display in logs when MX response fails during greeting phase.
  • qmail: Fixed a bug that triggered a segfault on 64bit servers when TLS connections timed out or were disconnected unexpectedly.
  • qlogtools: Added package
  • qmailanalog: Added package