InterWorx Version 5 beta 4 & Build 470 of 4.11.4 released!

We’re proud to announce the release of 5 beta 4 as well as 4.11.4 build 470! These are primarily bug fix releases, and we’d like to especially thank all of the users who have subscribed to the beta channel and provided feedback!

Interested in trying the beta? You can change the release channel you are subscribed to by doing the following:

  • Log into NodeWorx
  • Go to Server --> Software Updates
  • Change the InterWorx Release Channel to one of the following: [LIST]
  • [B]Release[/B] - the default channel.
  • [B]Stable[/B] - The Stable channel is updated with the contents of Release after a period of stability. This applies to ALL updates - including security updates.
  • [B]Release Candidate[/B] - This channel contains features that have passed through the Beta process and are scheduled for near-future release.
  • [B]Beta[/B] - contains pre-release versions. Recommended for customers that want not-yet-released features or bug fixes, and are willing to help test and provide bug reports.
[/LIST] Below is a summary of changes in 5 beta 4 and 4.11.4 build 470.

Version 5 beta 4 includes the following:


  • Fixed issues with deleting an IPv6 address that just added via System IPs
  • Fixed an issue that prevented SimpleScripts from installing scripts on secondary domains
  • Fixed potential infinite loop in Siteworx CLI
  • Fixed empty name issue with repositories
  • Fixed "Unknown IP Address '0'" error when importing an InterWorx backup
  • ~iworx/bin/ip.pex -- list now shows all domains
  • Fixed "device" column in IPs table
  • Fixed issue with ipv6 iworx.ini entries not not having values set on install
  • Fixed issue with increase in cpu usage by iworx-db resulting from bandwidth cron
  • Fixed issue where, when setting up clustering with no ipv6 addresses configured, ipv6 quorum ip option prevents cluster setup
  • Accepting EULA no longer results in stacktrace
  • Improved sections of htaccess interface in Siteworx
  • Fixed issue with secondary domain server aliases
  • Fixed issue where adding a cluster node fails claiming the node has siteworx accounts when it does not
  • Added SPFv3 support
  • Added a bin script to overwrite vhost file from the original skel
  • Added way for SiteWorx users to download zipped, rotated-out Apache logs
  • /webmail is now disabled for domains that don't use that server for email
  • Fixed issue with BLK_PORTS setting in /etc/apf/conf.apf
  • Improved accuracy of bandwidth overage notification emails
  • Fixed issue where deleting the "default" MySQL server results in fail
[U]Version 4.11.4 build 470 includes the following:[/U]


  • Fixed SpamAssassin incorrectly checking blacklists and applying scores to messages sent through Horde
  • Updated FTP information in API documentation
  • Fixed issue where CM allowed users to add a node with no VIPs set
  • Fixed an error message in the sasql_db squirrelmail module
  • Fixed a minor issue in cpanel importer
  • Fixed issue with adding load balancer services
  • Fixed issue where adding a package during SiteWorx creation broke the command queue
  • Adding a cluster node with external NFS in use now firewall-whitelists the external NFS on the CM and the node
  • Fixed issue where Command Queue/cluster-account-add dies if a SiteWorx account is moved to a reseller that does not have default nameservers set
  • IP System now matches interfaces with names like Auto_eth1
All InterWorx servers that have auto-updates enabled will be updated according to their subscribed release channel over the next 24 hours. To see the full changelog for these and previous releases, head here:

Feel free to discuss this release or ask questions here, but for the serious issues, open a ticket at the support desk.

I am curious does InterWorx 5 have the new high-availability features yet? I recall seeing a video on this about a year ago and it looked very promising!

Marc Pope
Falcon Internet

No, not yet. HA is still under development, and we don’t have a public timetable for it’s release. We’ll make sure you know when a beta of it is out, though!