InterWorx Version 5 beta 5 Build 511 released!

We’re proud to announce the release of 5 beta 5! This is primarily a bug fix release, and we’d like to especially thank all of the users who have subscribed to the beta channel and provided feedback!

Interested in trying the beta? You can change the release channel you are subscribed to by doing the following:

  • Log into NodeWorx
  • Go to Server --> Software Updates
  • Change the InterWorx Release Channel to one of the following: [LIST]
  • [B]Release[/B] - the default channel.
  • [B]Stable[/B] - The Stable channel is updated with the contents of Release after a period of stability. This applies to ALL updates - including security updates.
  • [B]Release Candidate[/B] - This channel contains features that have passed through the Beta process and are scheduled for near-future release.
  • [B]Beta[/B] - contains pre-release versions. Recommended for customers that want not-yet-released features or bug fixes, and are willing to help test and provide bug reports.
[/LIST] [B]Below is a summary of changes in 5 beta 5 build 511.[/B]


  • /bin/dns.pex now working with both IPv4 and IPv6
  • Fixed Cloudlinux /proc issue
  • Added success/failure banner dismissal button in heliotrope
  • Created new web setup interface for new installations
  • Fixed placeholders for at-a-glance graphs
  • Fixed issue with certain logs in ~iworx/var/log/ not rotating
  • The --tmp-dir and --output-dir are now configurable when mass transfer creates backups
  • IPv6 no longer a unique key in the cluster_nodes table
  • Dates in the Mail and DNS logs are now human-readable
  • Fixed issue with bad values in ips table device column
  • Fixed issue with SW Zone Formatters
  • Fixed undefined variable in DomainKeys
  • FileMan upgraded to most recent build
  • Fixed issue with remote backups exceeding 128MB
  • Updated Plesk importer to support IPv6 (v10.2 & higher)
  • Fixed issue with IE8 Ajax forms
All InterWorx servers that have auto-updates enabled will be updated according to their subscribed release channel over the next 24 hours. To see the full changelog for these and previous releases, head here:

Feel free to discuss this release or ask questions here, but for the serious issues, open a ticket at the support desk.