InterWorx Website Backup Issue: Failed Backups and Data Loss

I’m encountering critical issues with the backup functionality on my website hosted with InterWorx, as backups are consistently failing and leading to potential data loss, and I’m seeking urgent assistance to resolve it.

Background: Our website relies on InterWorx for hosting and management, including automated backup processes to safeguard our data against loss or corruption. However, recently, we’ve experienced recurring failures with the backup system, jeopardizing the integrity and availability of our website’s content and databases.

Issue: The main problem arises when scheduled backups fail to complete successfully, resulting in incomplete or corrupted backup files. Additionally, manual backup attempts also fail to generate usable backup archives, leaving us vulnerable to potential data loss in the event of a server failure or accidental data deletion.

Troubleshooting: Here are the steps we’ve taken to troubleshoot the issue so far:

  1. Checked server logs and backup job reports within the InterWorx control panel for any error messages or warnings related to backup failures.
  2. Verified that there is sufficient disk space available on the server to store backup files and that backup quotas are not exceeded.
  3. Reviewed backup configuration settings and schedules to ensure they are configured correctly and not conflicting with other server processes.
  4. Tested backup restoration processes to confirm if the generated backup files are usable for data recovery purposes.

Observations: Despite these efforts, the backup failures persist, posing a significant risk to the integrity and availability of our website’s data. This issue is critical for ensuring business continuity and protecting against data loss scenarios.

Request for Assistance: If anyone has experience with troubleshooting backup failures on InterWorx-hosted websites or has encountered similar issues, we urgently request your assistance and expertise. Identifying and resolving the root cause of these backup failures is crucial for maintaining the reliability and security of our website’s data.

Thank you for your prompt attention and support!


If your license was purchased directly from us, please submit a ticket to our helpdesk, enable remote assistance, and provide as much detail in the ticket as you can (accounts affected, etc) so we can look at the system.

If your license was purchased through another provider, I would take the same steps with their support team.

The most common reason for backup failures are insufficient disk space in the partition containing /tmp. We generally recommend that partition have enough free space to hold 200% of the largest account’s data. So if the account has 10GB of data, /tmp should have at least 20GB of free space available to it. This is to ensure that the snapshot of the account and it’s tarring process have enough room to complete.

As always, checking ~iworx/var/log/iworx.log while running the backup is recommended. This will likely show you more information about the process and what may be going wrong.

Thank you,


Thank you for your response and guidance.

We purchased our license directly from InterWorx, so I will submit a ticket to your helpdesk with remote assistance enabled. I’ll ensure to include comprehensive details about the affected accounts and any relevant information to assist in troubleshooting.

Regarding the disk space issue, we’ll double-check the partition containing /tmp to ensure it has sufficient free space as per your recommendation. If needed, we’ll allocate additional space to accommodate the backup processes adequately. I’ll also monitor the iworx.log file during backup attempts for any additional insights into the failures. We greatly appreciate your assistance in addressing this critical issue promptly. :smiley: :slightly_smiling_face: